Experts say new nuclear safety oversight still too lax

By Mari Yamaguchi

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cash-strapped TEPCO built poorly designed underground pits instead of safer and more manageable steel tanks to save money.

And there it is folks! Even the meltdown was a result of cost cutting by not upgrade the backup electrics to waterproof them. When you combine these facts with the underpaid and untrained staff that are carrying out the cleanup it is a major cause for concern. These fools are cutting corners to cut costs and gambling with the lives of millions of people in the process. Somebody really needs to get in and shake this operation up, but you can't rely on the J-Gov to do it cos they were the ones that let this happen in the first place. TEPCO + cleanup = Doom!

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Is it possible? Kim-ill-nature knew this would happen?


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Tepco is trying to make a profit this year, that money needs to be invested in solutions!

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Guess it's time for the government to fire these investigators as well and hire more nuke-friendly people.

Here's my suggestion: have the execs, all of them, on the ground, moving the water. THEN I'll believe it's being done without concern and there are no problems. If they refuse? well... there you go. Lock them up.

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Good to see that the panel experts are making a stand against the new old way of doing business between TEPCO and the regulators. It is absolutely ridiculous to see that even after all the things that have happened the whole issue is apparently still not taken seriously. Cutting costs during a nuclear clean up is a grave error.

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Cue Simpsons theme.... da, dada, da da............

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Didn't need the experts to tell us that. Anyone in their right minds can see it.

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Should have asked for help from foreign experts from DAY 1. Tepco is a joke. The situation is a shame. This really makes japan look incompetent.

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That's just horrible. They are acting like "nah, it's not a big deal, just a bit radioactive stuff n so". But if something goes wrong, japan could be in big trouble soon. They need to get help, cause I think they can't handle it.

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Life goes on,things could of been much worse.

Yes Tepco are criminals,as are most Corporations,lets no focus too much on one,because of a freak of nature.

If you all care so much,donate as much as you can to help these people.

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Lets get this Right. The Fish are Radioactive And they say the Storage of radioactive water is not leaking into the Ocean but into the ground . Well how do the fish get radioactive, Oh ! Through the ground water leaking into the sea. Well that is fine got get rid of it some where cheaply no one will know. But what about the Aquarius wells would be contaminated ,. Oh ! ""No ""Its running into the ocean and is safe because it is diluted. >>>garbage,<<<. I thought cooling water when cooled was recycled back through the system to continue its process. Must Be Wrong again its Hot because it is Radioactive so what it is still cold water when cool re-use able .. What ever happened to the Lead Shielding for radiation in the storage cells ,Oh some one for got use it as was cheaper to use clay and rubber matting. Wrong again We went Fishing with it ,using the lead for sinkers to catch the fish that are radioactive to protect our selves from being sued.

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