Extended Hokuriku shinkansen line goes into service


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Rail travel throughout Japan just keeps getting better & better! I hope to stay at a ryokan & enjoy Kanagawa to it's maximum!

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@Raymond: And many more people who want to learn Ainu culture can visit Hokkaido without being sick on ships. Also onsens in Hokkaido, too.

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Colleen, care to elaborate on what you said?

One good thing about Hokuriku Shinkansen is that the famous onsen resorts at Wakura Onsen and the onsen resorts southwest of Kanazawa will get a lot more visitors. And it also means we could see a lot more foreign tourists visiting Kanazawa, a town steeped in a lot of Japanese history, especially since it was never bombed in World War II so many pre-war structures have survived to this day.

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The Shinkansen and the completion of the 157 through Higashi KZ already killed the downtown core as well as many neighborhoods and caused some pretty hideous suburban sprawl in one of the last beautiful places in Honshu. We've been watching the concrete creep and consume the area since the mid 90's and its so disgusting.

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It's going to be very interesting to see what happens to the cities of Itoigawa, Toyama, Takaoka and Kanazawa along the way of this line. It used to be getting to these cities was not so convenient, either because you had to change trains (if you're coming from Tokyo) or it took a long time to get there (if you're coming from Osaka). Hopefully, this will mean a lot more tourists to Kanazawa, the Noto Peninsula and the many onsen resorts around Mt. Hakusan.

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