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Tokyo tightens security for Abe's funeral


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"where violent crime is rare"

Almost once every couple days we're seeing an article on here about someone killing a family member, or something of the sort, I think this phrase has run its course. There's more than enough violent crime in Japan.

And before anyone says "yes but..." comparing Japan's murders to other countries murders doesn't make the number here decrease, it just make the county with higher numbers of murder look worse.

That said, there are less violent crimes than many other countries, which is a nice thing.

Anyway, I still think this whole thing is a massive waste of my tax money.

13 ( +31 / -18 )

Shameful use of our money. Could have build and ran a couple of hoikuens with money.

25 ( +37 / -12 )

An odd headline.

Avoiding the security blunders that led to his death during the extravagant funeral doesn’t really make sense to me.

-2 ( +14 / -16 )

This is a show. Nothing more.

13 ( +27 / -14 )

Well, you never know. In 1891, the Tsarevitch of Russia was attacked and seriously wounded while visiting Otsu City in Shiga. His assailant happened to be one of the policemen assigned to protect him. If nothing else, potential assassins instinctively understand the element of surprise.

12 ( +15 / -3 )


Was it explained why you were being searched? Were any others subjected to a search too?

13 ( +19 / -6 )

I bet the security is there to make sure the protesters won't get near the ceremony to protect the "image" that we all adored this man when in reality we didn't.

7 ( +24 / -17 )

This means more racial profiling by the Japanese police too. Yesterday, I was stopped, and patted down in Asakusa for no other reason than being white

It doesn't surprise me at all. The man who shot Abe was Japanese and yet they want to profile a non Asian. Every single international event the J gov does- from the Olympics to international summits to this stupid funeral is done with the idea of getting the public used living in a police state. Getting people used seeing more cops on the streets, more intrusive security measures, and more fear of the outside world.

And it's working. Beautifully.

-13 ( +19 / -32 )

Nothing bad will happen. The reason is that anytime Japan prepares for a tragedy or disaster, it never occurs. But when they don’t prepare, then it occurs. For example, earthquakes occur in places where they have no expectation. Or with Covid - As usual the last out of the gate. The list goes on and on throughout the country’s history. And then after, the country creates massively inconvenient and expensive drills and rehearsals for something which, of course, never happens.

This is the fateful result of something wrong in the culture’s way of thinking.

-7 ( +13 / -20 )

So, the hundred demonstrators made no difference then.

-7 ( +4 / -11 )

Yet Abe's funeral is costing more.

and its going to pale in comparison. It'll just look silly. Wait and see.

-2 ( +19 / -21 )

An honor guard will fire 19 blank rounds from a cannon to salute Abe.

Is that a good idea? Each round will sound like the homemade gun that put an end to him.

9 ( +14 / -5 )

"International Olympic President (IOC) President Thomas Bach will also attend"

Tomasu-san should take up permanent residency in Japan.

-1 ( +9 / -10 )

“ Tokyo tightens security for Abe's funeral “


Yeah, I noticed that today, in Otemachi. They looked like statues, just standing there. Ridiculous.

-10 ( +9 / -19 )

Was going to go into central Tokyo tomorrow to do some work in a nice cafe somewhere over a beer or two. This has put piad to that idea!

As a foreigner want to be harrassed by the police? Be in Tokyo tomorrow.

And what a huge waste of public time, money and resources.

-9 ( +14 / -23 )

"International Olympic President (IOC) President Thomas Bach will also attend"

Wow! Are they really THAT desperate for anyone to attend??? WOW! Just wow!

-11 ( +11 / -22 )

Can’t we just cancel it?

Abe won’t mind a bit…

3 ( +7 / -4 )

"where violent crime is rare"

Haha... where violent crimes involving GUNS, yes, but every single day you hear about murders here, usually of parents killing their kids or vice versa. The nation is as violent as any other, if not more than many. Petty crime? maybe less so, but that's changing too.

-11 ( +10 / -21 )

Can you hear it?? The sound of all that money being syphoned off....

11 ( +15 / -4 )

"where violent crime is rare"

Every time there is a violent crime in Japan, this comment is made (even on the BBC). Then a whole dossier of violent incidents prior to the one being reported is cited. It sounds so contradictory that people sarcastically say "what! Violent crime is rare in Japan!

-11 ( +7 / -18 )

Security is important given that there will many Japanese leaders, other citizens, and foreign representatives in the hundreds attending the funeral. Shinzo Abe was a great man. A great many wish to pay they’d respect.

-17 ( +5 / -22 )

The Police are there to protect foreign VIP but a foreigner didn't kill a foreign VIP resulting in this Abe-mask-esque charade. A Japanese person killed a Japanese politician.

They did the same with Aum Shinrikyo. Japanese-based terrorists lead to the police checking foreigners' IDs.

They are hurrying up and stopping what has already happened.

6 ( +17 / -11 )

Now they decide to tighten security? lol A bit too late for that.

-2 ( +7 / -9 )

TokyoJoeToday  07:30 am JST

Shameful use of our money

So many CoVid vaccines could've been made and distributed with those yen. In Japan and elsewhere.

borschtToday  11:28 am JST

The Police are there to protect foreign VIP but a foreigner didn't kill a foreign VIP resulting in this Abe-mask-esque charade. A Japanese person killed a Japanese politician.

They did the same with Aum Shinrikyo. Japanese-based terrorists lead to the police checking foreigners' IDs.

It only makes sense in that regard. The Aum Shinrikyo killed a lot of bystanders with sarin gas in the Tokyo subways in 1995. And you never know what other bunch of yo-yos might try something. Maybe the yaks.

blueToday  10:57 am JST


*And the President of France and and the PM of Australia and PM of India and many others.*

Ex-president of France (Sarkozy got the boot back in...2012).

He's one of the "Ex"es from Huffpost's list such as UK's Theresa May, Italy's Renzi or Australia's Abbott and Howard

Usually, ex-Presidents of the USA would go to events like this. Bush 43, Carter, Obama aren't attending? Of course, nobody would invite Diaper Donald. He would use the occasion to defect in order to escape justice.

-6 ( +2 / -8 )

That security is just impossible, otherwise there wouldn’t be a reason for that event, hmm? Look, if there were a competition where participants should show the leaks of those security measures, quite some participants would win, but surely not police or other security forces.

-4 ( +0 / -4 )

What a waste of our taxes money! that's make understand us how much taxes we pay a year! and how much money are Declared and undeclared! you tell the sinn but not the sinner

2 ( +5 / -3 )

No one is trying to kill these foreign VIP’s, because no one has heard of them.

There definitely won’t be foreign tourists lurking around, let alone possible terrorists, because it’s not October 11 yet.

And all regular Japanese people have to be at work.

Who are the security personal supposed to be looking out for here?

1 ( +6 / -5 )

The guy deserves a proper funeral for the way he died. He was murdered in cold blood and nevertheless was a good PM serving his country well.

-12 ( +1 / -13 )

The security at the funeral - and in the days before - will be extreme to make up for the massive loss of face for the failed security around Abe when he was killed. Failure and humiliation are becoming as endemic as Covid to the LDP.

5 ( +9 / -4 )

I have literally not heard one Japanse person I know bothered either way.

Most of my colleagues were more bothered if the Expressway would be open tomorrow or not for their commute.

0 ( +6 / -6 )

@Awa no Gaijin: Nothing bad will happen to anybody attending.

Some idiot may attempt to sell immolate themselves if they can get anywhere near the event withva tank of Petrol. (Unlikely). More the fool them.

-3 ( +2 / -5 )

It's so hilarious how some people think tax money " you're not only one paying taxes we all do. This man work tirdlessly for this country while you and we're sleeping, killed for democracy while trying to support the best policy that can favor everyone . The only thing we can do for him is to honor him in this way. Please stop the complain about tax

-12 ( +2 / -14 )

Exactly @Lordbam: If people want to go down to that level, then where can I complain to about paying my local tax and subsidising all those who use the TOEI subway and buses that I never use - and the garbage collection I never use as my building uses an independent contractor!

0 ( +2 / -2 )

stiil waiting for the predicted super typhoon, the strongest in Japanese history.

Well, you’ll be pleased to hear that it passed. I hope you find some relief and closure.

1 ( +2 / -1 )

You have a few more. be Japanese and dump other passport(s) and vote or even become a politician.

Ok. That’s all I need to hear from you.

-2 ( +2 / -4 )

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