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Fake doctor examines 2,300 patients


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Seriously??? Doctors are now dispatched too? What's happening to this country? It seems no company wants any obligations anymore.

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Was he a pediatric gynecologist?

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What's the big deal? This "fake doc" is probably more qualified than half the "real" ones.

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And you're basing that on what?

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(I assume, Himajin, that your question is addressed to me.)

I'm basing my statement on the fact that I've had to educate and correct the last three Japanese doctors I've seen (internist, urologist, orthopedic surgeon), and I've never been within 100 meters of a med school in my life.

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I thoroughly agree... I have had far too many "bad" medical experiences here that I usually wait to go back to gaikoku if I need to see a doctor. I realize that one day, it may be too late, but that's my own funeral...

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Doctors in Japan are so poorly trained, you pretty much take your life in your hands living here.

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Readers, please stay on topic.

What is troubling about this story is that the medical establishment did not make a statement. Perhaps one is pending? I am certainly not surprised, this happened. Although, it happens in every country.

Having worked with and alongside physicians, here in Japan, in my experience many doctors are superb -unfortunately, a large part of them depart Japan for further training or better jobs overseas. Furthermore, traditional medical training in Japan consists of 6 years, after HS graduation. And, at the end of medical school, take the National Medical License examination and, if they pass it, become a Physician and register in the record in the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.... for LIFE!

Life-time licenses: Physicians and nurses are licensed for life with no requirement for license renewal, continuing medical or nursing education and no peer or utilization review. No need to re-train, no residency programs, no Board certifications, and no GME program. If a doctor wants to take a break for 10 years, then return to practice medicine, he is free and clear to do so with no need for re-certification.

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...and now I know why...

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wow i think there are so many out there cause 3/11 there was also a fake doc...i mean read this makes me wonder would i be safe if i get sick in japan.....O___o


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Some doctors are really nice and professional. And besides It is far more safer to be checked up by a fake doctor here in Japan than in countries like Thailand and the Philippines.

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"I'll get my (white) coat."

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This is not a surprise at all. I'm sure many of us have encountered a quack (or two) whilst in Japan. I recently went to a dermatologist, and he completely failed to diagnose me correctly, putting it down to something completely unrelated (it turned out, as I found out when I saw a proper doc). To make matters worse, the prescription he gave wasn't working (as it wasn't for my actual problem), and every week I said "Look, it's the same, the medicine has had no effect" and he just continued to say "It's fine"; no explanation as to why it was taking its time to work, no allaying my concerns, just "It's fine". I thought it was suspicious that on his brochure were 2 western qualifications from america, but he didn't seem to be able to speak English at all.

As others have said above, you've really got to be careful here. Charlatans, and old doctors who've been so arrogant as to never really update their procedures to modern ones.

It's not as though it's cheap either...

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That's possibly one of the most ridiculous things I have ever read.

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As a former navy hospital corpsman, I do have doubts about the doctors in Japan who are more like glorified nurses. I've often discussed medical situations with the doctors and many do not keep up to date with the latest findings in medicine. In one case, I recommended the cardiologist change my medication for blood pressure because the meds I was given were having no effect. He agreed after checking to see if those meds were available in Japan. The switch over worked like a charm. On the other hand, there are very good doctors who work at famous hospitals but often one needs a recommendation to see them.

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Readers, please stay on topic. Comments that do not focus on what is in the story will be removed.

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@kaminarioyaji sorry dude, My bad I meant ... besides It is far more safer to be checked up by a fake doctor here in Japan than being checked up by quack docs in countries like Thailand and the Philippines. Honestly there is nothing to panic about on topics like this, fake or real japanese professionals do their job real HARD and SERIOUS.

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There are fantastic doctors in Japan. But the difference is that in some countries only the best and brightest can become doctors and most want to do become doctors. In japan there are many doctors who just have to follow the family tradition and might have taken a long time to graduate but they could because with enough money, you can do it here.

That's why I was so surprised when people talked about knowing good doctors here - where I came from I'd just go to the local guy.

So, the moral of the story is it's good to check out reputations of doctors. Some are cutting edge, others might not know as much as they should, but they sure aren't going to admit it.

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Could explain why the docs aren't particularly good in this country.

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There has been half a dozen or so cases like this in recent years. From the doctors I have seen in the decade of living here, it is very difficult to tell who is qualified and who is not.

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There are fake doctors in many countries. Maybe this guy was self educated and really wanted to help. Maybe some one bet him to do it. Credentials can be made with Photoshop.

I find doctors here just as sincere and willing to help as in America, but here they sit and talk with you, give you much more time, and the health insurance is great.

Learn the language kids.

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Patch Adams

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This story did say he was a teacher in this field. Hopefully he is more educated than some of the legit doctors I've encountered here.

I recently went for a heart arrhythmia that happens periodically with me. Doctor gave a 15sec ECG then some pills to make it stop. Refused to let me walk with a monitor for 24 hrs to catch what was happening. Pills didn't stop anything !

This is why I fly home every so often , at least there they are thorough.

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It's important to shop around. I've come across bad doctors here and in the UK, but with small medical clinic seemingly on every corner in Japan there's more choice. University hospitals may also be a better option if you live near one, as doctors tend to be younger and more up to date on the latest techniques.


That's why I was so surprised when people talked about knowing good doctors here - where I came from I'd just go to the local guy.

Same here. I've found it important to get recommendations from people, especially when looking for paediatricians.

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Huh, what's with all the negatives!

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Was he a pediatric gynecologist?

You're such a kidder!

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"Catch me if you can" He finally got caught....

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I guess he was just "playing doctor" then. (I hate myself for saying that)

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It is well know that the majority of doctors in Japan never excel in any particular discipline. They work their arse off in Uni to memorize and pass the exams and then it's easy. When it comes to quality of life they suck big time. This is the same for most complex jobs in Japan like IT where after the first few years very few will self study to develop their skills.

I this case I believe I read it such that the "fake doctor" actually taught at a medical exam study school ?? That in itself meant he was one step ahead and always looking at new medicine, technology, ideas and practices as they become main stream. I'm pretty sure he knew exacly what he was doing and probably was on the way to become a medical doctor, but ended up teaching for medical exams. That said what you read on paper is very different to what is practised in the real world so I reckon after the 2800 patients he was getting close to being qualified. The first few hundred maybe not so lucky.

The real question is did the patients like him or not? To me that is the greatest qualification for a physician. You can be technically a great doctor, but really suck at being social. Doctor House comes to mind.

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I bet you his diagnose were all right, school is school you don't have to go to school to be a doctor you just need smarts and training... that's how we did it for years real on the job training. The fact that no other Dr or RN nurse was able to show him up and only thru some random happen chance he was found out. hmm quite interesting don't you think

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It is well know that the majority of doctors in Japan never excel in any particular discipline.

Yes, I'm sure you rub elbows with a lot of the top docs in this country.

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This happens anywhere in the world. There is no need to question whether Japanese Doctors are great or not. Maybe it depends on your own experience with them...

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nope top docs are top docs which make up maybe 5-10%, 80% are average and 20% suck big time and should not be doctors.

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