Fake 'Japanese Beethoven' faces damage lawsuit


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It is not the same as AKB48, everybody know that the girls don't compose music and create the lyrics, however, it's them singing, although in live songs some of them must be lip-sync...

Therefore it's an AKB48 song.

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The tour company is responsible for the cancellation and it is them who should be sued. However, they should then be allowed to sue Fake Beethoven because he was hired and likely signed a contract on the premise that he was who he said he was, and obviously he was not. What's more, anyone and everyone who has every bought an album of his or paid the VERY high costs involved in seeing one of his performances, should be allowed to sue him for damages.

Oh, and everyone should call and complain (or to the NHK man/woman who comes to collect fees) about how NHK promotes liars, just to get their goat and point out how badly they jump the gun and expect you to pay for it. I know they are extremely embarrassed about their promotion of the man, so it's something to keep up front if they start getting pushy.

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I don't know what's the big deal, AKB48 does the same thing, take songs from ghostwriters and make people believe that it's an AKB48 song. And yet they embrace AKB48

Onagagamo: Indeed!

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Fakehoven !

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Japanese Beethoven!? more like Japanese Milli Vanilli

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He looked way better with long hair and shades!

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The reason of the lawsuit is wrong, the producer cancelled the tour. But, maybe it is a wrong paraphrasing, I mean, the lawsuit might be over damages of the "product sold", the major damage is having to cancel the tour and the potential earnings beacuse the "product" sold is "rotten"

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Bethoven? More like Mach.

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Next stop joining the LDP as a hopeful Priminister. he's proven that he has the credentials.

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Guy is a fraud, got caught out, if he wasn't a fraud then the concert would have gone ahead, no one else to be held responsible but this POS, I am surprised he isn't being sued by more people for more.

Fake is everywhere in this country, this guy is just another example.

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There are so many more just like him in Japan. Very easy to dupe the public here.

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A performer is a product. The promoter sells that product. The guy was a different product before confessing and after. When he decided to confess, he must knew that after that he would lose fans, therefor sell way less tickets, he is acountable for that legaly.

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That guy had not shame.

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The promoter cancelled the tour - maybe M3M3M3 is right.

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Unless it was a contractual condition that he actually be deaf, I have to side with fake Beethoven on this even though he's a slimeball. He signed a contract to play his music and his lies wouldn't have affected the quality of what he was required to deliver.

It's an expensive lesson for the tour promoter but that's the law as I see it. It'll be interesting to see what happens.

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