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Families of missing tsunami victims struggle to move on


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Truely lost for words, heartfelt and sincerest condolences X

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I cannot imagine the pain and grief this family must go through. My heart goes out to them and all those who suffered the loss of beloved ones.

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This is very sad. It must be difficult to get closure when you cant recover the body of a loved one lost.

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Very sad indeed.

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He ought to move on and live for those living yet we can understand - with forsaken rationality and breaking hearts - why he is driven to find his son.

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There is probably nothing more worse than losing loved ones and then not even being able to find them and put them to rest in peace. I wish those bereft people all the faith and luck they can get.

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There is no greater grief than losing a child.

I wish he is able to find the remains of his son, I also wish his daughter a long life. There is not much anybody can say or do in such circumstances.

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I can't read these stories without crying. No words can describe what these families are going through.

Speed, you are correct. Instead of spending millions on building Olympics facilities, they need to be helping the Tohoku families! Priorities are just so wrong.

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I hope Abe and the government enjoy their extremely expensive Olympics Games and celebration of Tohoku's "recovery".

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My heart goes out to Ueno-san and the many other families who lost loved ones 4 years ago. I hope that they find the missing, and that they find the strength to keep going and eventually, peace. 11/3/11 will always be remembered with a sad heart.

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Like John, no words. I`ll never forget that day.

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Such a sad story. The only option is to move on with life and preserve your own life for the family and friends. With the strong desire to find the remains of his son he must understand he may never be found.

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I have no words to explain the helplessness I feel. My wish is that Ueno-san finds the remains of his son he so desperately needs to attempt to have some closure. My heart goes out to him and to all those who lost loved ones 4 years ago today.

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