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Family of Michigan man missing on Mount Fuji since Jan 13 still hopeful


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hope they find him and he is ok, but a week is a long time to be missing in the current conditions on fuji. good luck to the rescue team.

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I would not be surprised if they found him in the forest at the base of Fuji. That place is a death trap for three reasons: Thick forest canopy blocking all views to anything you might use to navigate except maybe the sun. Magnetic anomalies that set your compass spinning. And last but not least its a wide, wide area of sharp, knobby volcanic boulders piled willy nilly. And whatever you imagine by that, its worse. The most agile dog you can imagine would be lucky to get out of there alive, much less travel 200 meters without getting a foot stuck or a leg broken. Its really that bad.

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The forest at the base of Mt Fuji is called Aokigahara-jukai . The fact is a compass can be used normally and won't start spinning. Those are just urban legends. A lot of people do commit suicide there.

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He may be holed up in a bivvy but the longer you're out of touch the chances of survival drop. Frost bite and hypothermia are not kind to people trapped. Why would you try this on your own?

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There is no way I would go near Mt. Fuji at this time of year.... too dangerous.

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1 week is a very long time!

What is this Aokigahara-jukai nonsense?!

The guy is highly likely to be nowhere near it given that he traveled by a rental car. It suggests that he traveled up to one of the 5th stations, if there was access at this time of year, or left his car further down below at one of the trail heads.

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Climbing the mountain at this time of year is lunacy for anyone but a hardened mountaineer. My sympathies to his family if he was just a thrillseeker who has perished.

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The family can still hope... as he may not be in the mountains at all. Sometimes people disappear for a while due to a mood swing. I hope that's the case and he'll be found alive.

Magnetic anomalies that set your compass spinning.

It's in the middle of the sea or what ? If you need a compass to find your North in the woods, well don't try to go there without a guide. Anyway, I agree with Wipeout, hiking alone outside the official treks is simply silly. Even "hardened mountaineers" go in groups, and anyway they give their previsions of route and timing to someone that will search for them if they are not back in time or just if the weather changes. You can fall and broke your leg anywhere, even if the place is not dangerous.

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There are very specific warnings for people who attempt to climb mt. fuji outside of official climbing season, especially during the winter. There are few who think they are fine and can beat Mt. Fuji, and this is what happens.

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Man Vs. Nature

Nature wins everytime

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Too many times.. adventurous guys like this with some experience think they can conquer everything...and goes and hikes ALONE?... Very bad idea.. i hope he gets found

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Mother Nature is not nice to the unprepared. iPhone GPS (with preloaded mountain range map) + 1 large car battery would be useful in times like this. That said I would rent a satellite phone if I was going to climb Mt.Fuji by myself during the coldest time of the year, but that would never happen as I like my warm bed too much.

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I am very sorry for his family and I of course hope he is found alive and well, but people like this do irritate me to be honest. Climbing alone, in Winter, without having given anyone details of his route? Sheer lunacy.

This happens every year in Snowdonia, and Snowdon is a fraction the size of Fuji. Search & Rescue have to risk THEIR lives and taxpayer money fishing these people off the mountain - if they are lucky enough to be found. Some dozy bint was rescued off Snowdon a few years ago in a pretty little summer dress and sandals! The weather turned and she was caught out.

Good luck to the S&R guys who are looking for him.

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It should be illegal to climb Fijisan by non professionals in the middle of winter! I climbed in August and it was freezing that was in mid summer!! This guys goes up there in the middle of winter??

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Gets very foggy up in Fujisan until about the 7th station so one wrong step and the fall will be enough to kill you and if that doesn't kill sub freezing cold night and day should so my guess not very positive for this guy from Michigan.

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If the guy is missing for over a week...pretty much need a miracle to find him, and find him alive.

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Closing the chapter. Body was found in June.


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