Famous cherry-blossom lane in Osaka reopens after 2 years


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Geez it would have been nice to see a picture or two on here!

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"Never again!"...that is what I told myself after my first (and last) visit to crowded Kyoto, on a sweltering day in the middle of summer...

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Pass. Went once and lasted about 15 minutes. Sure, the trees were nice, but that beauty was destroyed by the absolute crush of people, some of whom were VERY pushy if you were blocking their millionth cherry blossom photo. There's nothing you need to see in person that badly. I just hope the people are being safe and wearing masks.

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"Never again!"

never been to cherry blossom in the city for at least 15yrs.

now ive got a river about 15minutes drive away, has at least 200 trees, had a small picnic with the family last week, we shared the whole river with two other people. The best places to visit cherry blossom is in the country side without all the crowds. cherry blossom are meant to be seen, not be seen with

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the trees are beautiful there but the lane is relatively narrow in comparison with the number of people visiting during night time, it's like walking through a major Tokyo station in the morning, except there is no one rushing anywhere, still not for people who hate crowds.

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It's a mosh pit.

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I think cherry blossoms have moved on from Osaka, so no photos.

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Geez it would have been nice to see a picture or two on here!

3x crowded after 5-6pm

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finally richToday  11:21 am JST

Geez it would have been nice to see a picture or two on here!

3x crowded after 5-6pm

Thanks much appreciated!

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A picture of a fake cherry blossom or personal health…. Tough choice to ponder …. Not .

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Too all the complainers about the crowds- There are a multitude places to see cherry blossoms that are uncrowded. Walk around almost any neighborhood any you’ll see blossoms without the crowds. Cemeteries are real good places. The often have great blossoms you can enjoy in a quiet peaceful atmosphere

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Been to see these before, absolutely lovely. Went to see the blossoms along the river next to The Mint last week. Very beautiful, my partner and I had a picnic amongst all the other couples and families enjoying the weather.

I recommend seeing the riverside then walking to the Castle then finishing off for a couple of drinks at Kyobashi. Love living in central Osaka

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