Fans flock to Space World as amusement park reaches final frontier


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I had the most fun when they had the original Thunderbirds puppets on display there.

It would be awesome if Tsuburaya Productions would buy the park.

The roller coasters were pretty awesome plus the NASA stuff was educational in the best way.

I’ll miss this park.

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I was working in Kurosaki when Space World was constructed and opened. Thee was quite a lot of excitement about it at the time, but it just never seemed to catch on in the long run. Too bad. It’d be good if another company bought it and turned things around.

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Had one of my funnest dates here with my wife, who was then my girlfriend. Loved that big rollercoaster there! RIP Space World and thanks for the memories.

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Took my son there 10 years ago. It was a lot of fun. No line ups for the rides at all, which I suppose is indicative of the lack of attendance over the years. The space theming was interesting and he loved the roller coasters

Still was a good place though and sorry to see it go.

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Took my son there twenty years ago. He embarrassed the pair of us to death when he went on the free-fall drop.

”Mama! Koumon yabureta!” at the top of his tiny voice.

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