Farmers launch campaign to promote Miyagi rice


JA Zen-Noh, a collective of Japanese farmers, has launched a campaign -- "Miyagi New Rice 2011” -- in Tokyo's Marunouchi area.

The campaign, held on Sunday at Oazo, is designed to promote Miyagi-grown rice while also dispelling concerns that the product may be irradiated from the stricken nuclear power plant in neighboring Fukushima Prefecture.

The campaign included free samples of rice balls made from Miyagi grains. The campaign will move to Nagoya Station in early November, and then to Osaka Station.

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Govt. should go for exceptional emergency measures. Abolish heavy duty on rice and let people import rice freely. Try find new ideas to support these rice producing farmers.

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Just how are they "dispelling concerns that the product may be irradiated from the stricken nuclear power plant in neighboring Fukushima Prefecture." This whole effort to get people to eat radiation contaminated food is surreal. I can hardly believe it.

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Sigh. I'm sick of these people who think you should buy products out of pity and ignore safety concerns. What's more I simply cannot understand the thinking of people who believe that offering potentially contaminated products is somehow proof that they are not tainted.

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Have the items checked in front of people about consume them that would be sure prove that the food has not been contaminated!

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Oooh, free rice balls! That will make me buy contaminated rice!

JT - please publish the dates when they will be available in Nagoya and Osaka, so I can make sure I'm not there. Would be interesting to see the reactions of people though!

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See it's not poisoned, look try some. Umm... it's free. Yeah, all better now. (This is the gist of it)

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They should come to Osaka and Nagoya and set up a rad measuring station to show us all how safe their rice is. Then we could enjoy the free onigiri's.

Zichi is right, J Govt should setup rad measuring stations so people can test their foodstuff for free. I read an article where it actually cost money to test the food. TEPCO started this mess and they should pay for it.

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well, at least the rice is bacteria free.

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It'd be nice to know where it is safe to buy rice. I knew this info before but that's the problem with time and being told contradictory things.

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How about getting all this radiation contaminated rice, vegetables etc..and say TEPCO look, this is what your stupid company did, YOU EAT IT and you $$$$ pay for it too! Sorry but I really really hate Tokyo Electric and their blatant arrogance towards the victims of Fukushima, etc..

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