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'Father of Pac-Man' Masaya Nakamura dies at 91


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RIP! I remember Pac Man from junior highschool. Tabletop video game. Good memories.

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Rest in Peace, Nakamura-san. Thank you for the endless hours of pleasure you have provided us with !

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The game was very simple but a lot of fun. Still good memory.

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"Father" of Pac-Man? He didn't design it, just started the company that put it out. Toru Iwatani is the real "father".

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Rest in Peace, Nakamura-san. Awww, to remember the days of my youth! Endless hours spent playing...and then memorizing a "pattern" that would evade the Ghosts and allow me to rack up the Highest score. Lol!

Such fun times.

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yep cool, game, dropped a few quarters on that one!

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you know your getting old when PACMAN is in your memories, Im one of them

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It took me twenty years of living in Japan to make the connection that he's called Pacman because he "pakupaku suru", the very common Japan onomatopoeia for eating heartily.

Like a lot of classic early video games, there's a lot of originality and off-the-wall creativity in there, so RIP.

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My wrist used to hurt after playing Pac-Man. Had to stop playing it.

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@Dre Hund

Mmm. Well, that's your story. ; )

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