Baby subscription boxes simplifying life for parents in Japan

By Makiko Kosaka

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In Australia you can order a pizza and have it delivered to your home by drone. Japan is still behind.

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Subscription boxes with a really good purpose.Nice!!

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All fine and dandy if you got  3,674 for toys + 3,278 for diapers + 10,000 yen for food totaling about 17,000JPY/ month of fixed mandatory payments for the next 4 or 5 years plus all the other little things you buy to keep the little lovely one happy.

But based on my experience you do not need to buy or even rent as many toys if you spend the quality time they need at the early stages. Kids need all the time parents can and should give up till about 5 years old.

As for diapers, many parents in other nations including in Japan use recyclables, there are companies that will deliver fresh weekly supplies of 100% cotton recyclable diapers, this will eliminate trash and disposable diapers.

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I like the idea though some countries do the same as a state programme. Instead of nationalizing or subsidizing the service, I'd suggest the government provide baby-box vouchers to parents so that they would be able to choose the most suitable service for them while the state intervention won't largely distort the market.

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The time I spent chosing carefully the toys and products my children needed could never have been better spent and never been rivalled by buying online boxes by someone else. There would always be at least be a gap in the needs.

Time is money, ok. But life with playing and socializing with your children is gold.

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4000 yen per month for used COVID toys, yeah, na, The best fun for children is to make your own toys, like turn a cardboard box and some play doe some pegs some empty plastic containers plastic lids etc into play items. Mate, if you have a child still in nappies going to day care you need some strong Parenting help.

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If only the government of an aging population and decline in birthrates cared this much for their children.

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These past 2 months we have received 2 payments of 50,000 per child for support. We have 2 kids so we received/will receive a total of 200,000. One was for households with low income. The other was available to everyone to offset rising costs/inflation and will be deposited at the end of this month. Let's not forget the subsidies for kindergartens and daycares. Kids aged 3 and above are free (still costs about 8,000 per month at the private ones for lunch and special classes). Also, in our city in Kagawa, kids get free doctor visits and medicine till JH 3rd grade. I must admit the government is trying. But they still have some way to go.

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"You'll own nothing and be happy."


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Government should provide this for free if it wants to avoid the decline of it's people

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