Children's cafeterias using COVID-19 crisis to consolidate community

By May Masangkay

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These people are heroes! Even during the pandemic they are trying their utmost to help those less fortunate. We often hear that Japanese are less giving and philanthropic, but I think it is done on a smaller scale like this and flies under the radar many times.

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This is wonderful. In the UK, schools are staying open for vulnerable children, as many would go hungry without the breakfast club or free school lunches, as well as to provide a safe place to be. As Japanese schools are either all open or completely closed, voluntary groups like this are providing a vital link for so many families.

Absolutely fantastic to hear about, and it seems their 3-11 experience has made them much better at adapting quickly to whatever the latest situation is. A massive lesson for the rest of the society.

Can you imagine what kind of sad individuals the complaining locals who report them for supposedly violating social distancing rules?

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I saw this on TV last year before the virus. It was quite cute! I thought that it was a nice idea. If only they could figure out the daycare situation, that would also go a long way for single parents.

If the government want more tax revenue then make it easier for everyone to work, and I don't mean they should just remove the lockdown during this pandemic.

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