Chocolate maker thrives with many disabled staff in workforce

By Mie Sakamoto

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also, interesting to read about Masao Ogura.... quite a visionary, who also created Yamato, against the odds (and the naysayers).....

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Nice website too, easy to navigate. Although the site is only in Japanese, it's pretty self-explanatory, but I think it would be better if they added English as well.

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Even working five days a week they can only make ¥50,000 a month, barely enough to pay the rent, let alone eat.

Better than the alternatives, it seems, but the job must be pretty interesting to keep them involved.

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"I want to raise their wages further."

I bloody hope so.

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Shameful glorification of what amounts to slave labor & exploitation of the mentally challenged.

Hopefully these workers band together and form a union that will help them achieve an equitable share for their labor.

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Yes it's good to see a business in Japan employing more people with disabilities. However, in many other countries, including here in Australia, paying them half the minimum national hourly wage would be seen as exploitative and probably illegal.

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This is great. There's a cafe in my town that has special needs waiters and baristas. The atmosphere is nice and relaxed. Glad to see them hired and working as no other places in my town would hire them. I'm pretty sure of it.

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I hope this isn't an abuse of the people who who are most in need of self esteem boosting, and a sense of worth in society. Any work done by any person should be payed the same as anyone else. However, I hope the state boosts their salary so that this is a win wi . The workers get payed properly, the company can help give them work, and the patients get a sense of self worth, and the carers can get a break.

This could be a situation that if they earn too much, financial help from the city, state doesn't make it worth it too earn more. Lets remember some of the workers will need help for the rest of their life and managing everything we take for granted, phones, travel, gas, electricity, shopping, help, all need to taken into account when making all these calculations.So I'll hold off on hard judgement of the company.

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I'll certainly check out their website.

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Sounds nice, but hard to look at those numbers and not see that he is exploiting these people by paying low wages, so he has better returns. Better than welfare wages, but much lower than typical starting wages. Another greedy business owner.

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Chocolate is great for mental and emotional health .

Some of these commenters could use some.

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...they earn 50,000 yen ($435) a month by working five hours a day, five days a week. That translates into about double the hourly wage they would be paid at welfare facilities...

How magnanimous that double the standard wage is paid; however, this still translates to me as legalized wage theft against those who aren't able to advocate for themselves (@ ¥500 an hour versus ¥220).

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I call it what it is, exploitation, and the so-called minimum wages a big lie. I know , also personally, that there are many such similar jobs much below minimum wage payments out there, and not only a few of those mentioned and done by disabled people. That’s quite a big grey zone as part of the labor market.

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Always a tricky issue and the situation needs to be monitored to ensure it is voluntary and they are not being exploited. One side effect of the minimum wage is that it makes it hard to employ such persons.

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What a spot of sunshine ! My eyes welled up reading this. Newsworthy venture.

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Chocolate is great for mental and emotional health .

Some of these commenters could use some.

Best comment today. Thank you!

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