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Climate change sending Hakuba's snowfall fortunes downhill


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Meanwhile Japan races to build new coal burning power plants, despite climate change and tries to portray this summer’s Olympic Games as the greenest ever.

There are now plans to build as many as 22 new coal-burning power plants — one of the dirtiest sources of electricity — at 17 different sites in the next five years.

Together the 22 power plants would emit almost as much carbon dioxide annually as all the passenger cars sold each year in the United States. 

Coal or nuclear, pick your poison.

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Many friends in Hakuba who need the winter trade to survive.

Coal or nuclear, pick your poison.

Others can be used. LNG burns cleaner than coal.

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Last week was insane. I was swimming in powder and face shots all week. So much snow. This week, tho... I don't know where to go anymore. Snow melted even up north :(

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This year it's bad so everyone panics. One year does not make the end of the ski season forever. 2010 Vancouver Olympics were the worst I can remember for so little snow. Then the next decade was back to normal but nobody talks about normal because normal doesn't sell drama and drama seems to be the way to push your agenda when you want to prove a point. If you try hard enough, EVERYTHING can be blamed on climate change. Just do the best you can to reduce, reuse and recycle. Help out when you can but don't turn it into a religious cult war the likes of Crusades. Nobody wins except those holding the reins and all you'll ever be is a pawn. Don't feed the monster.

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 One year does not make the end of the ski season forever.

No it doesn't, and this year has been marked by westerlies that bring mild and wet and also block the northern flows of air that bring snow to Honshu. The weather has been different in an exceptional way

However, the ongoing multiyear trend in Nagano and Niigata is toward warmer winters with less snow. This is completely undeniable.

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Just having ski resorts where people go for recreation is aiding climate change.

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The headline is a big surprise.

Didn't some people always say there is no climate change?

Let me assure you there is! But some folks just prefer to listen to those alternative facts.

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Rich governments have been trying to ignore climate change while poorer nations have been suffering the effects.

Now it is starting to effect rich nations econonies they will be forced into action.

Poor leadership motivated by money - nothing else - and will problably mean too little too late in terms of avoiding the severe tipping points in the earths climate systems that scientists have been warning us about for decades now.

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It seems completely in character for the local kids to stage their event on a Sunday, rather than taking themselves out of class as did actual climate strikers around the world. Wouldn't want to cause any trouble or inconvenience.

Great that they're at least aware and starting to act, I suppose, but we're all going to have to leave our comfort zones as we confront climate change - if not by choice then by force.

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Why call it Climate Change? Why not call it what it is, Global Warming?

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