Couple dreams of revitalizing Fukushima with Jersey milk

By onican Lam

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I wonder if changing the name of the prefecture might help? The name Fukushima is forever tainted just like Chernobyl. Are you going to buy Chernobyl milk? No one would visit Kiev, Ukraine if the nuclear plant had the same name. Fukushima is a BIG prefecture and the way the prevailing winds are, most of the area is radiation free. I wish this couple luck.

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The data on this 'live' radar map comes from, I believe, Geiger counters on normal vehicles as they drive around. Searching for Samegawa in Kanji on the map, I see that it has the same level as the part of Tokyo I live in.

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I believe people need to get used to the idea that Fukushima will not be the same and enjoy the same image as before at least for a hundreds years or even more. Radiations and memory last longer than human life. There is a physical and a psychological effect to radiation contamination. Artificial radionuclides are there even if not displayed on geigers (penetrated deep into the ground, into forests and places not cleaned and treated, etc). We still discover now in Europe hotspots of the Chernobyl era (not dangerous, because most of times in areas not easily accessible, like mountains or forests... wild animals from woods). The psychological effect also is relevant: that is the same reason for in Japan standard salami and cheese are not sold like in Europe, i.e. if they are not sealed in plastic they look dirty because of the mold and the color that the aging produces. Government did not pay any effort to clear up in a internationally recognized way and in a nationally and generally accepted way also from the victims the contamination areas and the compensations. So everything related to the name Fukushima remains stained by radiation. There is little to do, IMO. That si simply the price you pay for choosing the nuclear way. It is an option for countries with large territories... space that can be sacrificed in case something happen, it is not something you can clean up and go on like before, like a fire. Everybody should wake up.

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So, the cattle cannot even roam the land because of contamination.

What happens when the wind blows in a typhoon-the cows do breath, don’t they

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Shipping silage across the Pacific? Good grief. We might as well just import the milk.

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Well Fukashima is toxic, justifiably or not it's just toxic. If you have to debate it then it's toxic. Mmmm milk from Fucashima or milk from anywhere else...I know what I'd choose.

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The couple can dream, but please make sure to label the milk as "Fukushima produce".

People need to protect themselves from Fukushima food.

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those bred for milking last only four years before they are deemed no longer productive and sent away to be butchered

It's snippets like this that make me contemplate taking the last step to veganism.

Poor cows.

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Try telling a Japanese person where Jersey is.

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Uderlly irisponsible.

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Jersey milk is delicious, and I applauded their dreams but I fear they face an uphill struggle to overcome some ignorant assumptions.

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Why doesn't this admirable couple move (along with their Jerseys) to SOMEWHERE ELSE than tainted Fukushima? I love them, but would not ever buy their F. milk. Sorry.

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Good luck to them. They will have to overcome the baseless rumors that the milk is "contaminated", but I bet it tastes delicious! I wish to drink it.

Poor cows.

Actually, they seem to be treated well. They are dairy cows, not killed for meat at a young age.

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Actually, they seem to be treated well. They are dairy cows, not killed for meat at a young age

Read the article. They seem to be treated well until they are sent to be butchered at four years old.

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How about the matter of intellectual property that Japan was moaning about in connection to Kobe beef? Should work both ways.

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