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Craft brewers drink to success of Yokohama startup's new 'beer paper'

By Masaki Sato

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It's been used for compost and animal food for centuries. Is compost even a thing in Japan? It can be used in all kinds of human food like bread and granola bars and, for those who have learned to appreciate the flavour, Marmite, and its inferior copy, Vegemite.

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I wouldn't feed Marmite to the starving peoples of Africa! ;)

Yeah it's good to hear that they are using by-product for something useful. 1 thing though is that Shizuoka is hardly the other end of the country from Yokohama....are the road tolls between Shizuoka and next door Kanagawa so much??

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Hope my dog doesn’t chew it and get drunk.

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Only one thing to say:

Cheers to this idea!

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