Diapers with your juice? Japan's vending machines embrace baby goods


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This is so logical I wonder why this was not before? Absolutely great idea!

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I read the title wrong...

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sadly, Japan needs new TAX payer babies!

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Maybe great if there's ab emergency, but the unit cost is gong to be very high. And how many of these areas are truly that remote, and how many who live there don't stock up on basic needs when they make runs into town?

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And some of the sleazy machines sell used socks, panties and other girl items. I am not lying. It is true.

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Maybe adult diapers might see a burgeoning market, but with the aging population and lack of children?

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this title sounds quite wrong xD...

no diaper juice please eww...

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Has anyone seen the vending machines that sell insects?  These are mainly beetles (kabutomushi). Are they live beetles or plastic? In which city did you see them?

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