Elderly owners having to put their aging pets in care

By Megumi Iizuka

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600,000 yen per year? Wow.

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lethal injection wouldn't cost much compared to long-term care for an elderly pet

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Clearly sensei258 lacks any compassion and has no understanding of what an important family member an animal is.

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A great idea in theory. In practice, open to abuse, fraud, and ill-treatment.

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"Let it go!"

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lethal injection wouldn't cost much compared to long-term care for an elderly pet

Wow, just wow, I would rather pay to see my fur-baby taken care of than not!

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@ hm0707 - just because I don't agree with you doesn't mean I lack compassion or understanding. I've had pets over the years, but let's be practical. I sure wouldn't pay thousands of dollars to take care of one for the long term. If I couldn't find somebody to adopt an elderly pet, then nighty-nite.

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@ yubaru - you share the same sentiments with my aging mother. She lives on a pension, but paid thousands of dollars for surgery for a stray cat she picked up on the side of the road.

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600,000 yen per year? Wow.

That works out at ¥1,644 per day, a good ¥1,000 cheaper than my local pet hotel where 'nursing needs' are not catered for, all food is provided by the owner and the charge is even higher for bigger dogs. Sounds like a bargain to me.

Sad that the older people don't have family able to accommodate them and their pets.

Your tax money at work. We pay pensioners

All those pensioners are getting is what they've spent a lifetime paying in.

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Your tax money at work. We pay pensioners

Quite the reverse. You are living off the lifetimes of hard work by the now-elderly.

And anyone who states that "their" tax money is being misspent, had better not have any children. The benefits you receive for them come from my taxes, and I want that money back. JP furikomi will do fine, thanks.

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A pet is not just for Xmas.

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7 years old considered elderly! Tell that to my dog, he is still as bouncy and mad as a puppy!

While I want to keep him as long as possible, I do not wish him to suffer, so if the worst comes to the worst then the hard decision will have to be made.

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Would perhaps made Care homes better places if Pets were allowed....

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Ah, but this is Japan. You pay for the room per occupant, beit Human or mouse, so I guess, allowing pets would be prohibitively expensive.

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When going for holiday, ¥3000 per day is charged which is not bad, at least dogs will be having fun with other stranger dogs at Dog Holiday House.

Honestly, having a dog is better for your life than worrying about your life esp about money.

What pet lovers want is not about the cost, they want the animal scientists to increase the kife expectancy of dogs at least up to 50, 60 years so that your grandfather, father and son can have amazing time with their same dog.

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