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'Dreamnight' program enables disabled kids to enjoy zoo visits

By Mako Tomita

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A worthwhile program.

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If diurnal, hopefully the animals get some sleep. Doing two shifts will burn them out. Not to mention the poor conditions.

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Initiatives like this are hugely encouraging to see.

For people with disabilities and their families, not only physical access, but the "sense of security" the article mentions is key. For example, some theaters have special showings with reduced volumes for kids with sensory issues, and some theme parks allow families with autistic children to avoid lining up for rides as it can stress the children (they're called by staff when it's their turn to ride.)

I'm glad that we live in an age where these kinds of issues are finally beginning to be addressed.

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One event for disabled children was held in mid-August at the Chausuyama Zoo in Nagano, central Japan, after the facility's regular opening hours.

So they cared, just not enough to hold it during regular hours?

or reserving entire days exclusively for those with special needs and their families.

This is how it should be, instead of shuffling them to a later part in the day when they would have been closed anyways.

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This is Great, and yet very Sad. It's akin to the "out-of-sight, out of mind" culture approach for dealing with those with different requirements from the majority. I would hope that, such a sentiment, is being addressed appropriately in order to avoid that concern.

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