Drug recovery facility in Kyoto arouses mixed reactions from local community

By Atsushi Takeda

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Japanese society still have too much prejudices against anything related to drug abuse, efforts like the one written in the article are a very positive development that help all society, it is not even asking for the locals to be tolerant with frequent problems, just to give the place a chance to be there.

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Give it time. Japan is 30 years behind the west and has a major shift in political orientation coming as the current elderly generation dies off.

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Addicts need help, not rejections.

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I agree with zichi. People who are making sincere efforts to work on their problems should be offered support.

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Discrimination isn't limited to Japan's borders. It exists everywhere. In the US, where addiction is epidemic, most communities shun recovery centers in their midst. And what surprises me most is the fact that active users live within these same neighborhoods - probably next door to those who argue against rehab centers. Go figure.

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I think junkies are never really cured. Even celebrities who get caught once end up getting arrested over and over again."

Even celebrities? Are they better in some way that people?

Thats a fairly childish point to make, but their objections are childish so to be expected. Easier to kick a person who’s trying to get up then allow them help to get up.

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And this is Kyoto. Try moving there, especially in a "good" neighborhood, it takes about 100 years for them to accept you (never if foreigner). The craziest passive aggressiveness.

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If drug Addicts and or Alcoholics are not treated then you will have a much worse situation, don't to look to far to see the results of not caring for them.

Japan has been good at containing the flow of drugs into the country, but with the internet and the easy access to almost anything online things will get worse, and having these facilities will help many victims recover and get back to normal life.

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I'm always fascinated by the dichotomy and cognitive dissonance here. The kids are taught in school to have a sense of community, inclusiveness and 思いやり心 - to think of others first and be accepting. And the adults have the strongest senses of exclusiveness and NIMBY (not in my backyard) you'll ever find. When and where does it all change? Or, does it even really exist at all? My wife and I are not from Okayama and only people we are really close with in our neighborhood are other people who are not from Okayama. The natives don't really seem to be interested in us and we haven't done anything "wrong" like having addictions (which aren't really "wrong").

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Addicts are victims and need help, they are human beings and need support and understanding especially if they want to overcome their addiction problems..

We cannot judge them, anyone can fall into vice and misfortune, but that is not understood by conservative hypocrites..

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Give it time. Japan is 30 years behind the west and has a major shift in political orientation coming as the current elderly generation dies off.

Good luck on that, Japan has so strong centenarians traditions that time is hardly going to make them change..

30 years behind??.. Japan is not the vastly backward country of the second amendment, that is a real backwardness of 300 years.

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Twenty-one years ago, I needed help with alcoholism. The only "home" for me to seek help at in Japan was a mental institution. There was a whole wing dedicated to addicts, alcohol, drugs, sex, even shopping. Today they have even opened up another wing dedicated to those with gambling addiction.

Point is that having that place to temporarily be in a safe haven, away from alcohol, was crucial to my early recovery. Stayed there two months. And have been sober ever since.

I fully support any effort to give addicts the support they need. I have lived a very productive life since then and done my best to help others.

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Japan is 30 years behind the west 

I'd say Japan is 30 years ahead. Walking in "progressive" Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, SFO etc., can be an extremely unpleasant experience for most people these days. Not stepping on human feces on sidewalks is only a minor annoyance.

Addicts are victims

Some are. The vast majority are not. They're addicts because they decided they wanted to get high.

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Addicts are NOT victims. Unless you mean victims of their own lifestyle choices.

Who in their right mind would want a facility for recovering junkies next door?

Try selling your property in that area.

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Just be happy, that I don’t manage those problems. This would be the first and only country, completely free of illegal drugs, I swear. Remains addiction to legal drugs like alcohol or tobacco products. Of course I also would have mercy, because I know that people need something like that to enjoy free time or to overcome life and work hardships. That’s the difference, while you directly or indirectly promote all drugs, I would only accept the legal ones.

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Japanese society still have too much prejudices against anything related to drug abuse,

Japanese society still has too much prejudices against Many things

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I really don't like the phrase "addicts are victims". And I don't think it's a helpful concept for recovery. But I do think addicts need help and it's a sign of a good society to provide help to people in need.

Totally agree that Kyoto is a tough place to live. Tatemae. But this stereotype doesn't define everyone.

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You took the words out of my mouth. Completely agree, addicts are not victims, but they do need help and support. It's a tough one, I can see why local residents would feel uncomfortable, yet at the same time think there fears are unfounded. Addicts are going there to get away from their problems, not cause more. If they want to score their not going to their rehab facility to do it.

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Man I wish there was an edit feature for these posts... It bugs me when people get there/their/they're wrong, yet autocorrect causes me to do it all the time!

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Addicts are victims -they have had their chemical and physiological composition altered to their detriment!

To understand this in simple terms is to watch a moderately heavy smoker go without nicotine for a few hours…

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If drugs were COVID-19, nicotine and alcohol should be class has the Delta strain. Other Recreational dugs like Cocaine, Meth, and Cannibus in Japan command the highest prices in the world drug blackmarket. So the majority of Meth addicts in Japan come from middle and higher class society. If the majority were from the lower class, Drug related crime would be much higher than the norm. As a result drug related crime are very low in Japan. Cocaine and cannibus are not addictive but meth is very addictive. So I assume the numbers of meth addicts would be very high compare to the people trying to give up other drugs. I don't see much help from the Japan Government for alcoholics and nicotine addicts. This is the biggest drug problem Japanese society has but does not warrant and government assistance

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