Ex-U.S. serviceman's tours near base drawing U.S. military personnel in Japan


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I'm not reading that a victory has been claimed. Except for the ocassional accidents and idiot G.I.'s breaking the law, it seems the U.S. presence is not the real problem in Japan. The U.S. could do a hell of a lot better public relations with Japan. It has too. Future generations aren't going to get why the U.S. is still there. But it's not an occupation. So, what percentage of Japan's gross is tourism? How many Japanese work for the U.S. military?

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Good for Hosack.

Instead of the typical person who blames Japanese for taking offense at ugly foreigner behavior, he understands that people need to be on their best and respectful behavior in another country, and not be loud, confrontational drunkards.

Win-win for all involved.

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Not all the servicemen in Japan are bad. In fact, by percentage of population against crime in the US, they are actually pretty good. If Japan had the same criminal law as the US, the same interest in meaningless statistics as does our bureaucrats, I think people would find out that most US servicemen are too nice! Most of them are away from home, don't manage their limited pay as well as possible, are lonely and a bit intimidated by being in a country that does not speak "American." Call it a bit insecure. In addition, the base administration also has a tendency to encourage them to stay on the base, be careful, and travel in groups which...makes most Japanese wonder what they are scared of? I was in the service in East Asia for most of 21 years in the military and much of the next 19. I went where I wanted, floundered every time, and in every case, was rescued by a Japanese, Korea, Chinese, etc. Had, and still have a great time. The key is to take a chance on them, they will take a chance on you. Is it different? Sure...but that is what makes life worth living.

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Hopefully this will help foster understanding and good relations between American service members and their gracious host. Good bless America.

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Invasion and occupation. Be nice to locals, but you are USA soldiers.

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