Finding relief from sleepless nights amid pandemic

By Toshiya Mitamura

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No mention of Netflix binge addiction in this article.

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I loved working from home during the SOE. But since June, back in the office. Have alot of friends working from home and I do envy them. would love to spend more time with the wife and kids..

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I've been unemployed for months, stressed out and can't sleep. I am an insomniac and for a sleep aid I use CBD gummies. They do the trick and they are legal in the USA but why not in Japan? Better than drinking alcohol until you pass out, no hangover and you basically can't die from an overdose either. Japan needs to wake up to the needs of it's population and promote sleep enhancing medicines because everyone is so stressed out and needs relief.

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In addition to suggestions in the article and those offered in the comments, I would also recommend hypnosis. There are numerous channels and practitioners who provide excellent, FREE content on YouTube that might be helpful to some.

While I can't recommend any specific channels in Japanese, I do like Marisa Peer, Thomas Hall and Michael Sealy. However, individuals respond differently to different voices in addition to background soundscapes and may need to experiment before finding a solution. Any search engine will provide thousands of options.

Many people also find Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or Tapping) helpful in addressing not only insomnia but also anxiety. If interested, people could start with NIck Ortner's channel and/or app.

Sweet dreams.

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I find that reading a paper book, not Kindle or online, helps me fall asleep within 30 minutes. No matter how exciting the book is and how much I want to keep reading it, I can't.

A lot of people working from home need to get away from the computer screen (blue light) as it messes with your ability to sleep if you get too much of it.

Also, I think a lot of people who are working from home have gotten off the more disciplined schedule that they used to have since being at home 100%.

They need to try and develop a pattern of going to be and waking up at the same time every day.

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do not take afternoon nap.. i had quite a long one today after tired of watching American election and now can't sleep.

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agree with Seesaw7, avoid napping in the afternoon, it's like snacking before dinner. I wonder if those who have trouble sleeping have tried exercising, praying, meditating or just going for a short walk before hitting the sack. I'm also stressed by this pandemic but I just vent out all those stress by running and calisthenics, it'll help you sleep like a baby everytime, boost your immune system and it's a natural high too. I've also tried those "natural" sleeping pills and they're a miracle but I don't want to be dependent on them too much though.

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