Fukushima farmers looking forward to Olympic torch relay

By Takaki Tominaga

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Kyodo pumping out the propaganda! There was an article just last week on JT about how Fukushima residents are not happy about it all.

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Why even report something like this. False hope! Media really needs to wake up to reality! There is a worldwide pandemic that hasn’t even reached its peak point and Japan is like nothing is happening. It’s business as usual. Party as usual. Cherry Blossom viewing as usual. Really Japan? Really?

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Complacency and delusion

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In our global economy, any nation not taking this problem seriously is a threat to every other nation. Japan, where is the leadership?

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> The Reconstruction Agency has said people can lead a normal life in about 97.5 percent of Fukushima Prefecture, but many former residents of severely-hit municipalities in the coastal region of "Hamadori," including Katsurao and Iitate, have not returned.

As long as one avoids those pesky hotspots, everything will be fine...

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Well, I was worried about there being a global pandemic killing thousands of people every day, but now I've been guilt-tripped into feeling sorry for a by farmer who overcame the 3/11 hardship and is now looking wistfully forward with anticipation to Olympic athletes drinking his milk, I suppose that's not important any more. Let's Heartful Olympic!

The North Korean Politbureau couldn't do a better job of state propaganda.

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The games are likely to be postponed so I suppose the relay will stop if that happens. The radiation levels in Katsurao are just normal. Less than 0.23 microsoevert/hr.

But in part of Fukushima you are never too far from a radiation hotspot.

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Sorry folks but the Olympic will be cancelled

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Flame will dir off but please do it in Tokyo politbureau.

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Unfortunately somebody needs to give Ryoji some harsh truths. The torch relay should be postponed at once, and people should be told to practice social distancing.

The torch relay WILL happen in all probability this time next year. Until then, and if people want to be alive and healthy to participate/watch it, they should start taking this virus seriously and stop all this fantastical thinking that there is absolutely nothing wrong in this country.

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