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Green tea cafes aim to revive interest in Japan's traditional beverage

By Takuya Iida

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I'm very fond of green tea, as it would be a staple of visiting my grandmother daily in grade school.

In Los Angeles we have a matcha specialty store that sells matcha/hojicha soft serve and many other tea products. Today I will open my bag of ara-cha, so I'm very excited.

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After Fukushima, some Fukushima tea growers sold their tea via Shizuoka labeled as Shizuoka tea.

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@Goodlucktoyou - why not from Shizuoka? It's nowhere near Tohoku.

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i love green tea in the morning. it is low in caffeine, so suitable for children.

it is: an antioxidant, contains bioactive compounds(nutrients), increases brain activity (GABA, which has anti-anxiety effects and increases dopamine and the production of alpha waves in the brain increases brain activity, fat oxidation (burning fat) is increased by 17%, reduces neurodegenerative diseases, kill bacteria and inhibit viruses like the influenza virus as well as primary harmful bacteria in the mouth (i gaggle before going to bed), 42% lower risk of developing type II diabetes, reduces heart disease and stroke, possibly can reduce weight...

but i wouldn't drink it from Shizoka after 2011. i personally drink Kagoshima tea, which i buy by internet.

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@ Cricky

”tea green, purple, obagene....”

Uh, yes.... : {

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Sounds a bit wanky.

Maria - hear, hear.

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Love the smell of coffee but can't drink it, hate the smell of tea green, purple, obagene cant drink it? This reminds me of the cross party politicians meeting to increase the popularity of Inca. That didn't work nor will this.

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But, it tastes like water stirred with a stick dipped in mud!

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Green tea comes from China, whether you want to argue (incorrectly) that "the art of tea" was perfected in Japan or not. That said, it's great if they can bring renewed interest in the history of Japanese green tea types and the process, from growing to drink. I love maccha, and I love cold tea drinks here (as opposed to syrup-based iced tea drinks back home -- although original ice tea is made more or less the same way and sweetened), and maccha ice cream is my favorite flavor.

Anyway, as long as when they welcome foreigners to experience and hopefully like it, they don't start complaining about the increased presence of foreigners in cafes, or saying, "Green tea is ours!" etc. I had to listen all day yesterday to people complaining about how Osaka has become "China" while the same complainers finished asking me what I think about this and that element of Japan, my first impressions, first thing that surprised me, etc.

FizzBit: Yup, likely just you. I LOVE the smell of freshly brewed green tea, much as I love the smell of freshly ground coffee.

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I was on a hot green tea binge once as I learned it would defend from colds. I drank 3-4 cups and didn't realize how much caffeine it had, and had a huge caffeine buzz!

I think the answer is in developing export markets and green tea flavored products. Green tea ice cream is very good.

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I know it's just me, but every time I walk into a large supermarket with many shops, including a green tea store, the smell literately turns my stomach.

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If it's focused on tea, it's hardly a "cafe". Why not be traditional and call it a tea house?

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There’s a reason green tea consumption is in decline and it has nothing to do with convenient cafés. I believe beer, saké, and shochu consumption is also in decline. People of a certain age (under 40?) seem to be voting with their yen to drink something that is not “traditional.” Maybe Coke?

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Same. That's probably the same reason for most people too. Mendokusai

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Sounds a bit wanky.

I'd like to go to a place that has decent green tea and matcha, and not have to go through rigmarole, or talk about it to anyone.

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Same ol same ol.

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Why just apply to have "green tea" recognized by UNESCO, then everyone in the country will jump on the bandwagon and start drinking it again!

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