Hotels put safety first in bid to lure back domestic travelers

By Junko Horiuchi

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Most of this article is a big promo for Oyo Hotels safety program. But in reading about it:

The unit, which runs over 200 accommodation facilities in Japan, has also designed its own authorization program...

...As of Aug 5, some 107 member accommodation facilities had applied for certification, with 80 so far earning a logo.

So 7 months into this pandemic, a little more than half of their hotels actually applied to be certified as "safe" and only 40% were approved.

What about the rest? They aren't trying to be safe? Not sounding too impressive there Oyo...

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There is no hotel that is safe, unless it has been sanitized from top to bottom and has been aired out and empty for a week or more.

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There is no hotel that is safe, unless it has been sanitized from top to bottom and has been aired out and empty for a week or more.

It's generally accepted amongst the scientists that the virus is rarely transmitted by surface. Almost all transmissions are from being in the presence in and/or contact with people who are carrying.

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According to a WHO article,

A recent review of the survival of human coronaviruses on surfaces found large variability, ranging from 2 hours to 9 days 

And it isn't 'rarely' transmitted by surface. It is more common than that, especially those pesky elevator buttons and counters where customers and employees stand, work, interact.

About this article, Hotels Put Safety First to Lure Back Domestic Travelers and the proactive companies mentioned are Indian and Chinese. Meanwhile, "major hotel chain Prince" offers discounts at restaurants.

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I thought we weren't supposed to be travelling.

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I’m in a hotel right now. Great price for the night. Decent hotel. Good safety measures. I’m satisfied.

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I heard rumors companies are threatening to "let go" of their employee if they go travel during obon and got the virus. I understand the necessary of containing the epidemic, but Japanese companies are just toxic.

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As if people care about safety over good prices. It’s unbelievable that people still say things like “they aren’t safe” or “it’s not possible to clean it all”.

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As long as you do your personal prevention, wear mask, wash hands, use sanitizers, keep social distance and avoid small tiny bars and nightclubs, the risk that you get infected with the Virus is almost Zero.

And dont get in an ultraparnoia mode, and think never ever to push an elevator button, because some whoever scientist said, that there is a possibility that the virus survives on surfaces.

That is the highest ultraparanoia level you can get.

@ Buggle Boy

Enjoy your stay!

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"many of Japan's hotels are betting that an emphasis on safety measures rather than low prices will be the best way to attract wary customers amid the coronavirus pandemic"

Lower prices would help, A LOT. Better than just having your rooms sit empty.

And since when were Chinese travelers allowed back into Japan?

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Its absurd to say : "We put safety first." This is a given. This is not a marketing or a sales line.

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As this article states, as someone who has tried to book “local” hotels for a non-getaway, I found that the one thing the hotels haven’t done is adjust their prices to take account of the new reality.

The expectation is that all hotels adequately clean and sanitise. Any hotel that thinks otherwise shouldn’t be a hotel. Saying that instead of lowering prices since customers are non-existent they will adequately clean is stupid.

Japanese hotels have always been horrendously over priced for worn facilities. They hope to keep those inflated prices and complain people are not going there. Wake up!

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boycott Japanese greedy system of charging per person per room per night a total rip off

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