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Japan's smartphone apps aim to provide lifeline to those in isolation

By Kaori Seki

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...died a lonely death from hypothermia at the age of 51 in February 2015 while inside his unheated apartment

I'm curious as to why he didn't have heat in his apartment, or at least couldn't afford heat. If he can't afford electricity, how is he going to charge his phone or pay his phone bill to stay connected.

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Back in the present though...

Let's not dare explore the collateral damage caused by incessant coronavirus fear campaigns and the quasi lockdowns that were endured - the fear campaigns still persisting...

All cause mortality up yet zero people in Tokyo hospitals with severe symptoms...

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To be fair, as much as my wife annoys me sometimes, I probably wouldn’t be able to take care of myself. I’d rather be with a woman with mood swings than be alone. But come on, what kind of “IT Professional” doesn’t have enough money for food and heating? There’s a reason these people are alone and friendless. They need access to mental health services and learning social skills so then they make a friend or at least someone they can talk to.

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It would probably be of value to those who truly need this service.

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I have two email addresses and never update my software. Only 100000000 cookies.

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