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Japan feminist Ueno's books resonate with struggling Chinese women

By Maya Kaneko

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due in part to the fact it was a trend led by the government

China has been tightening control of civic groups advocating women's rights

Almost the perfect definition of a totalitarian state. There should be nothing - no independent groups or civil life - between the state and the people. And no diversity of thought or opinion; only conformity.

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Feminism is the worst thing for modern women to cling on too. Destruction of the nuclear family.

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There goes the chinse fertility rate, it’s about time.

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ProtestantToday 06:56 am JST

Yes, Japan is the absolute epitome of women’s empowerment…

It's clear that Japan has had, and continues to have, many problems in this area. And that's precisely why authors like Chizuko Ueno have much to contribute on the subject, and why their work is so influential.

If there were no/few problems in Japan, such authors would have little to write about.

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Maybe women in China are taking invisible strains, and some adjustment needs to happen. Earthquakes can occur when tectonic plates let go of building tension.

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From Haarertz::”30,000 Dead. A Stampede of the Starving. Hostages Dying. The War in Gaza Has to End.”

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If you cannot meet a woman spiritual, emotional or personal need,you should not be involved with a woman,until you meet your own need first

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Lots of men ,that have hatred of women,have a hatred of their mom,a man that had issues with his mom,a woman should run for the hills and that is rooted in their sociopathic nature,like in the movie Psycho

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for those interested in chinese women's right, go and search the case of chinese iron chain woman. you will fall crying when reading the news. The case be exposed in year 2022 and you will be surprised to know that many of the cases still happening right now under the sunshine, it is just being censored now

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Bruce PennyworthToday 08:30 am JST

Feminism is the worst thing for modern women to cling on too. Destruction of the nuclear family.

I'm guessing you have never read any of Ms. Ueno's books.

In fact, it's probably safe to say you've never read any feminist literature.

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Women in America have lived freely to explore their sexuality,and the responsibility that go along with ,some choose to submit to the will of a man,while some to pick a path of their own,at the end of the day ,who is most out of it ,a man or woman only you can answer that

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