Japanese-inspired forests take root in COP26 host city

By Campbell

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Japanese inspired forests? Like just tree stomps? That’s what Japanese managed forests usually look like once they showed their love for nature in Kalimantan or PNG…..

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I agree.

They have no idea about tree pruning and cut back before the leaves even turn red or yellow.

Also the overhead electric cables and pylons in the city are a massive hindrance to tree growth in Japanese towns and cities.

Most Japanese forests are filled with fast growing cedar which has no value to other plants and animals they only create awful hayfever.

Japan has a lot of forest cover if only they could improve it with a better mix of tree species.

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These Japanese forests sound great. Any chance we could get some in our treeless Japanese cities?

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This is excellent news and iam so glad to hear the Japanese botanist Miyawaki has contributed something that the whole world can benefit from.

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The Japanese seem to have a love/hate relationship with trees. They admire their beauty out in parks and shrines, but any trees near houses are seen as a danger or a nuisance.

I have seen this Miyawaki method in a number of areas locally. In fact, it seems to be the dominant afforestation method nowadays. It is also well known within the permaculture, reforestation and organic farming communities.

it is wonderful to see Japanese pioneers like Miyawaki and Fukuoka admired and respected for their contributions to agriculture.

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@Silvia truly,

There is some issue that comes along when cities has too much trees. Firstly the roots are eventually gonna be a huge problem underground where many of the cities cables and pipes are. Secondly during typhoon season, most trees get uprooted. It also attract a lot of insect and small animals. And lastly there has to be a lot of cost invested to maintained these trees and keep the area clean. Creating some forest parks might be alright, but if you want trees planted everywhere in cities, you gonna have a big problem. Trees can also cause smog. Mainly because it emit VOC's that react with the nitrogen oxides of vehicles fumes that create ozone that is one of the component in smog.

So anyone wondering why the government isn't implementing massive amount of trees in cities is not that they didn't think of it but that it's not feasible. If you want to see trees, go visit some parks or a forest.

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Hiro, London has lots of trees throughout the metropolis (could always do with more of course), doesn’t seem to be a problem and if you plant the right species they absorb pollution, the London Plane tree is apparently rather good at this, also no longer smog in London. Remove the root cause of the smog, not the trees.

All cities could do with greening and this is a good idea along with green walls, roofs and planting trees along roads to provide shade. Admittedly difficult in Japan because of the failure of town planning that has left little room for pedestrians let alone trees, and cabling can always be moved, it should never have been allowed to be so obtrusive an an eyesore in the first place.

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@englisc aspyrgend, you make it sound like Japan is the same as London when it comes to weather, environment, space and infrastructures. Another nation might not be the same as ours. We are a island nation beset by earthquakes and typhoons. While also suffering extreme weathers and lack of natural resources. We have very few living spaces and agricultural lands.

Maybe all that you mention is solvable but it depend of cost, manpower, time and effort. Which i don't think is gonna happen anytime soon with how bad the economy is doing right now.

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This movie would only cause confusion because it may lead viewers to expect better content from their network. That may cut into the food binging, self deprecating variety shows that fill the public's time every evening. Heavens forbid.

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My first glimpse of Japan was that it was one big urban conurbation and I unconsciously became uncomfortable with the distinct lack of greenery.

In fact, even having lived close to the coast for the most part, I have found that due to heat and lack of shade in the summer that movement at street level is next to impossible.

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Might as well share the sickly, spindly Cedar with the rest of the world while spreading the pollen as well. Enjoy that new Hay Fever weegies.

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Japanese-inspired forests? You mean like the trees here where I live in Japan, with all their branches cut off?

You are missing the point. Read the article again. It's about new ideas of a Japanese botanist Akira Miyawaki.

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