Japanese startups develop innovative ways to supply water in disasters


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Utilizing artificial intelligence technology and multiple filters, including a reverse osmosis membrane and charcoal filter, the system can recycle as much as 98 percent of wastewater.

Utilizing ADVANCED intelligence technology, is the proper term. While AI is under development, true "artificial intelligence" is still a long way off.

Sadly here in Japan the term "AI" is abused far too often, and far too many people do not understand the difference.

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Well done. I can see Japan winning yet another Nobel Prize.

Countries dont win Nobel Prizes, people do!

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So, once again we see Japan recycling technologies from other countries and calling it their own. These large scale water recycling facilities have been in use all over the world for decades. The only real initiative is actually putting it to use.

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So, once again we see Japan recycling technologies from other countries and calling it their own

Really? Japanese companies have been developing water purification systems for decades.

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In a disaster, I always argue about which country developed the technology to save lives because, hey, I know what’s important!

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In places such as a large City such as Central Tokyo, such devices may not be appropriate. Though the further out you go, they become more relevant and needy.

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