JICA, Kumamoto tie up to facilitate hosting of foreign workers

By Mariko Tamura

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JICA, Kumamoto tie up foreign workers

Would not surprise me one bit is if this actually happens! Wonder what Kumamon is thinking?!

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I have always thought this is a great idea;

Under the project, JICA hopes more residents of Kumamoto Prefecture will take part in the agency's program that sends volunteers abroad, and that the Kumamoto government will give some assistance to former overseas volunteers in finding jobs and continuing studies in the prefecture upon their return

Invest in sending Japanese overseas. In this case if the Prefecture pays the expenses, makes this volunteer work, then helps the students finish the education, and finally requires the students to put some time into helping with what the end goals are it cannot be bad.

I have always thought maybe some of the budget used for the government to bring English teachers to Japan should be allocated for sending Japanese students overseas; preferably in a situation where they live there for a year.

Language issues are one thing but the cultural issues and ability to accept different or "foreign" ideas are equally if not more important.

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Great idea. At least the Japanese government is recognizing the future of Japan and its growing foreign population, and being proactive.

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I you see how life can be better overseas for most Japanese, you need to pay them high yens to attract them back. No hint about that in article as if it was about having faith in the system.

Still medieval Japan with a lord to overwatch little gaijins.

Good idea to help the peasants who have no choice to accept to work on the fields while technology and mass scaling of agricultural surfaces should be the target

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'Great idea. At least the Japanese government is recognizing the future of Japan and its growing foreign population, and being proactive.'

Yeah,it only took them 25 years of warnings about a demographic crisis and huge labour shortages to do this.....yeah,very proactive.

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I will take quality of quantity any day. One person can be worth thousands. But not with mindless lemmings who all do the same thing.

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