Luxury bag sharing app changing how people get their fashion fix

By Hidetoshi Takada

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I can't imagine caring that much about a brand to bother with such an app, but it sounds great for the people who would use it. I would like something similar for things like, really large suitcases - things I rarely need, and don't want to give up storage space to. I have things like tents and camping gear that rarely get used and could be more broadly shared...

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go to SEAsia or to @nd Street and buy a second hand one.

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7800 a month is over 90000 yen a year. Some of the bags won't cost much more than double that.

So I can understand why financiers want to buy into this. It looks like a tasty business.

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Oh, it's 6800, but that is still over 80,000 yen a year.

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Good business model....

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Yes, but as a Young Woman, you can choose a Trendy bag to match your attire for an important date.

So.. the only thing that's missing, is for what's trendy for a Man to have on such a date ?

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