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Manga bringing realities of fertility treatment to mass audience

By Kayo Terada

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Generic comment about good teachers using whatever means learners are receptive to to get them engaged and get the message across.

My eldest was born when I was 37. I had very little idea about success rates of fertility treatment or anything like that and the decision was based on merely "time to settle down" type non-biological reasons. I'd imagine other people are the same. I don't know if this manga provides it, but I suspect the natural reaction to people gaining knowledge of what fertility treatment involves and how unlikely it is to succeed for older people would be to try to start a family at a younger age.

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This looks like a great project. Hopefully it will gain in popularity and influence more births for future generations.

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Yaoi mange are extremely popular with heterosexual woman in Japan because they are very romantic with to risk of an unplanned pregnancy. Perhaps if manga portrayed more woman and men prepared with contraceptives, the young folks would show more interest in intercourse which should lead to more people forming couples and the greater possibility of them forming families at some point and deciding to have children.

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