Northern Alps lodge owner turns to artists to help protect environment

By Riku Nishio

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A noble cause but I fear any attempt to help will be construed as virtue signalling.

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We lived there, in the Alps for about 10 years. The birthplace of my spouse and we still have a house there. One of our favorite places in Japan.

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his concern that the concept of environmental protection has yet to take hold in Japanese society.

I agree. And then, after that, there is rewilding. There is so much possibility for rewilding in Japan, from all the Sugi and Hinoki tree plantations to opening up coastal areas that now have few people. And animals can be reintroduced. But no, right now, simple concreting and "doboku" is all that counts and few seem to care.

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It looks like a multiday hike into this one. Its about 10km SSE from the south end of the reservoir/lake formed by Kurobe Dam. From the Nagano side, I guess you'd approach it from Nanakura Sanso way to the west of Omachi and then get up onto the high ridge with the Eboshi and Noguchi-goro peaks. I'll do it someday if we're still here. The closest I've been is Tsubakuro.

The cost and availability of helis has rocketed in recent years, resulting in many mountain huts, especially less popular ones in more remote locations, struggling. That was even before Covid.

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I got rather confused by the headline... what's the Japanese name?

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Google maps:

Sorry, we could not calculate directions from "Your location" to "Kumonodaira Hut, 黒部谷割 Arimine, Toyama, 930-1458"

Remote, for sure. Could be a good thing...

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Anything that promotes the beauty of nature in its untouched form needs to have a bigger voice in Japan which sadly has lost a lot of its ‘natrualness’

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