Parents facing hard choices as nurseries stop tours amid pandemic


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i hate these tours. Most of cities are forcing you to do that. To me check the website is enough. I am nursery teacher in Japan and I can tell you that behaviour of the teachers during the tour and during normal day are two different things.

I moved from one city to other, during the school year. Single mom. Forced to do tour during working days, 8schools and my child wasn't accepted in them. I end up to go shigai (what a waste of time). In my case everywhere is okay if it's safe for child and I can work without worries. It sounds like you have plenty schools to choose when reality is you will take the one they give you.

yes, you can write your preferences but in the end of the day your child is going where is place.

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Thanks for that Takara.

Do other countries assign nursery places according to the academic year or is it a Japan thing?

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If a nursery is authorized, it means it passed the demanding levels of quality to take care of babies/children I hope.

Since one can not demand what nursery to chose (Hearing there is a lack of availability everywhere), I wonder what is the point of touring.

If you are not confident from the start, have your family take care of the baby.

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I wonder if it's possible to introduce au-pair programme involving foreigners which is common in some other countries. It would be a relief to working parents while program participants would be able to learn Japanese language as well as culture in real life domains.

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my country is kinda special. Having 3years maternity leave. Nursery

and KG for free. Having plenty choices of kindergarten and minimum kids on waiting list. It's hard to compare. Tough environment in Japan is causing people not to want have kids.

Now I am expecting my second child and Nurseries not being able to do tours sounds like wonderful news to me...

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yes, in my country we have academic year too, but starting in September. But kids are often joining during the year.

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That's what social media and websites are for. Just post your school info and short videos online. Maybe have customer feedback too. Word of mouth from others as well. You don't even NEED to show the kids faces or anything in the visuals. There are so many OTHER ways to promote your schools. A physical tour isn't the only way.

Welcome to 2020 Japan!

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Try care homes, it’s worse.

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This is probably more of an issue for people with the money for private nurseries because in most places, if you go public, you get what you're given. Due to a mix of waiting lists and a move, my kids have now been to four different public nurseries in two prefectures. Although one was significantly better than the others, the standard in general has been pretty high.

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What exactly can't be tour'd remotely? its is essentially a promotional video persay, as Takara says its not realistic to say its 100% accurate. And it is what it is... and demand exceeds supply so its not like you have alot of choice. And if supply really did exceed demand then likely the nursery would be more accomodating to giving such "tours".

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