Peace Boat goes virtual with A-bomb survivors' stories amid pandemic

By Donican Lam

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It's all very nice for the survivors to share their experiances, but I can't stop thinking what it would have been if Japan did not start a war of agression. Cause and effect!

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They should goto tell the LDP leaders in Tokyo! Japan is yet to sign the test ban treaty!

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How about the black rain survivors or those in Minamata?

They have fought decades to receive recognition from the LDP.

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The real question is, why they all cannot manage to just abolish and destroy all those nuclear weapons completely, not even after almost eight decades, although they have seen and know about the devastating consequences and also talk about it all day long. That complete madness alone makes me doubt much and very sad.

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Don’t start wars you can’t finish and you wouldn’t have this circumstance

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How come people keep missing the point completely?

This is not a revenge boat or poor Japan boat, its purpose is to avoid nuclear weapons from being used anywhere on the planet. A crime that humanity did to itself not to be repeated ever again.

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