Pop-up cafes in Japan giving voice to young stutterers

By Riku Nishio

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This is an excellent idea that will help a lot of people and many inspire similar things in other cities and to include people with other disabilities. Hopefully in the long term this will help making this something common, so it will no longer be necessary to make special events or days to have it happening.

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She traveled to Melbourne, Australia, a city known for its cafe culture, when she was 24 years old. At one of the local cafes, she enjoyed working with co-workers, including disabled or homeless people and those who could not speak English. Wishing to replicate the experience in Japan, she launched her plan when she returned in 2017."

Well done for making her plan a reality, wonderful initiative.

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The time has come for Japan to adopt a slower pace of life or what some Japanese politicians are calling a “gentle society”

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very inspiring story... Well done Okumura!

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Japan loves to trumpet its own efforts to help super niche marginalized groups, as a feel-good measure, to paper over the fact they don't do a great job of tacking the needs of non-niche marginalized groups. But hey, if you have a stutter, you can order a coffee.

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This story really put a smile on my face. I really feel for those who stutter.

I especially like the name : ) "The project, named "Cafes Where Orders Take Time."

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Good move, once I had a friend who did stutter and she really struggled but never gave up, went on and graduated to become a teacher for children with the similar conditions, I hope people will understand and join in helping stutterers gain the confidence to communicate.

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Nice to see a good news story! Very inspiring, ganbatte!

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Very sad to see the negative trolls out even for such an inspiring story as this. I guess they are only happy making others miserable...

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