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Quake leaves deep scars on famed Noto sake brewers

By Atsuhiro Okada, Kohei Tamai and Shun Kato

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The sake in Noto is some of the best. Maybe not as famous as Niigata, but, when paired with the local seafood delicacies, truly a Japanese treasure. Let’s do whatever we can to keep this tradition alive.

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For a start there should be grants to replace the massively heavy roof tiles on old Japanese buildings that cause the building to pancake in a strong quake.

I’ve seen it too many times not to notice it’s a problem.

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Anyone with stock of/in glass or ceramics must really detest even smaller quakes than this one. The skills can survive in the staff. Insurance should pay for clearance and rebuilding, and new builds should be more resilient. Whether insurance offers an income until sales are possible again is less certain. And the scale of the devastation presents a problem for a nation short of labour. Supply chains aren't what they were either (Russian wood etc).

Maybe an auction of surviving stock and some collectible fixtures and fittings would help raise extra cash.

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'Don't give up.'

Don't give up! Perhaps other nihonshu producers in other prefectures can assist the Noto sake producers get back on their feet again? I imagine it's a pretty tight group of producers regionally.

Don't give up!

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Are donation drives a new trend in Japan?

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@Miku Most rural craft sake breweries are just scrapping by at best. Of course it's not a bad idea to ask for help from the sake community.

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