Restaurants, bars struggle to find way to survive with coronavirus

By Reito Kaneko

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But Tex Mex is better! :)

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We need to support the restaurants as they need help and not lockdowns as this virus is here to stay for a while.

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It would be better therefore if there was a 'review' website on how well restaurant are doing to prevent infections,"

that is just rude. Getting the public in on the scam. But I have faith in the Japanese people. They are sick of hearing about positive with no context in the media everyday.

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Fiddlers, I agree. People thought they wear doing the right thing but not going to restaurants and participating in the economy will result in more suicide.

Really, the media is to blame for all this, but it's their business model to keep people in fear. I guess fear and controversy sells.

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I 100% agree to your post.

The media and all the fear mongering idiots are to blame for that.

Many Izakayas I see are doing their best prevention.

I don't see any reason why not enter an Izakaya who is doing best prevention.

I have 2 Izakayas I go regular. In the beginning of the Virus situation I support them with "Take Out Orders".

But now they are open again and they did perfect prevention against the Virus.

They changed seating according best social distance, fever measure, sanitizer, staff wears mask, open door and air change filtration system is newly installed. (Which cost a lot of money for the Izakaya owner).

Also my favorite 日本酒 Bar. They completely renovate and changed their interior. In my opinion it is now 100% safe.

So I don't see any reason why not going back there personally and enjoy.

But currently, I avoid to enter Girls Bars.

I love these places, but the Bar I regular went doesn't do any prevention.

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But I have faith in the Japanese people. They are sick of hearing about positive with no context in the media everyday.

The context is a given, accepted as universally understood, even when it's not understood.

Perhaps those you interact with have a higher need for granularity than the general population. Lucky you!

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A few of my friends who run restaurants are really struggling. They reopened in June , thinking that the worst was over, but are again seeing drop in customer numbers.

Agree with Fiddlers we need to support these small businesses.

If you have a favorite bar or restaurant, pay them a visit at least once a week!!

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I 100% agree

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One thing you can not get restaurants to understand, apparently is too use the terraces they have to their advantage.

the main reason being it “too difficult” to serve in a wider surface area eventhough every restaurant or bar i know is still overstaffed with double the waiters of other countries. ( that of course because we can not expect underpaid and untrained staff to work harder. Understandable so) and we will of course not see waiters paid on commission and allowed to accept tips which would make it into a real and respected job as it is everywhere else.Allthough i have started tipping and it is now accepted by most waiters.

costs ? A few parasols they could get for free from suppliers with some basic marketing skills, some fans which are cheap in Japan in summer and heaters in the short winters.

i only eat at restaurants now where i can sit outside. I think i can say i spent freely when i eat or drink out but why do we need to make the effort while the owners do not ?

I recently sat down at a terrace only to have the manager tell me i could not. When i asked why he said because “ it could rain “.

A bottle of watered down handcleaner, and a temperature check with a toy does not mean a thing. Its just the usual window dressing. Its the pure and absolute basics.

Then there is a basic, ignored fact. There are far too many “ restaurants “ and bars in Japan.

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I'd like the government to offer some kind of assistance, but it's a tricky one because the failure rate of restaurants and bars is quite high even in the best of times. The least worst scenario would be for regulars to continue to support their favourites so we do not lose the best places.

Even once social distancing due to Covid-19 ends, we are looking at a recession that will force many businesses across the entire economy to close.

I'll look the guy in the story up and see if he has chipotle at a decent price.

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People huddled indoors will spread the virus, and hand sanitiser and stupid, pointless temperature checks won’t change that. Using outside space is essential for bars and restaurants to survive. Spacing out tables and seats will help. How about adopting the UK scheme of patrons being required to leave contact details so if a customer or staff member does get the virus or symptoms others can be contacted and asked to isolate and be tested. The system is not perfect but it has been used to trace several potential Covid carriers and mitigate the spread locally. Mitigation is the only option now, anything else is just paying lip service.

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Can't use outside spaces when it is hot and humid and full of insects...sorry, Japan has a tropical weather.

Taking temperature is stupid and scares customers : you develop symptoms after being able to contaminate...

Only large spaces are viable, all the opposite of tiny restaurants of low ceiling with plenty of steam in the air.

Need to change and make it more modern towards health matters.

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