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Ryugu asteroid helping unravel mysteries of life's origins on Earth

By Shintaro Sue

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Some researchers believe that celestial bodies such as asteroids and their fragments fell to Earth, bringing water and life.

It might be a nice idea but a few amino acids and water are not life. If what we more commonly believe to be life could exist in interplanetary or interstellar space, it would be almost everywhere since most planets and satellites would be less hostile.

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They always make these claims to show how supposedly important their finds are. This will finally show us where we came from.

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"This will finally show us where we came from."

We all came from Africa, long ago.

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We all came from Africa, long ago.

So says the official narrative.

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We all came from Africa, long ago


So says the official narrative

Give us an/the alternative narrative.

I hope it doesn’t involve talking snakes and apples.

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