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Scientists highlight dangers of increasing CO2 on Japan's marine life


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Has anyone studied the dangers of increasing CO2 on human beings?

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I’m afraid CO2 is not the biggest danger to Japan’s ocean ecosystems. The biggest hanger is, the fishermen.

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Gokai, the effects are well known. Death or displacement by adverse weather be that heatwave, flood, drought, blizzard, crop failure, infrastructure collapse, you name it were seeing it. Set to get worse with the release of methane from the permafrost.

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How will Japan listen while it's busy vacuuming up the ocean fish to eat?

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also disease encroachment. Mild winters no longer hold diseases back and you have new pathogens to be aware of. West Nile for one is already a killer

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Deforestation is main factor in increasing CO2 level in earth atmosphere. Western countries must ban importing timber and timber products from Brazil, Indonesia, Burma and Africa. We need to plant more trees and no more Palm oil and Soil bean.

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Chop Chop that’s not quite true. The biggest factors are natural, ocean release, decomposition and animal emissions. It’s just that the increase in human emissions overpowers the natural CO2 sinks found in nature. Deforestation and change in land use only account for a realitively small percent of human emissions. But it does reduce the CO2 sinks. In fact fossil fuel CO2 emissions count for almost 90% of humanity’s additional gas contribution.

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