Social security for transgender people expands; obstacles remain in old age


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For example, currently the earnings-related component for employees' pensions are paid out later for men than for women, putting those born women at birth at a disadvantage if they have gender reassignment surgery before they reach retirement.

Sorry, and this may sound crass to some, but if you are making the life change and have your "sex" changed, they you should obviously know that becoming a member of the opposite sex has responsibilities as well.

It is NOT a disadvantage contrary to what the writer is attempting to say here, it's a choice, and this is one thing to be considered before taking the step of changing their sex. Sounds like these "men" want to be treated as women for the benefit of collecting money.

I support your right to change, but I also believe that people who made the change should be abiding the laws governing that sex. Example; the differences in timing for receiving pensions. Yes women can and do receive them at a different age, and do not have to pay into the system as long as men do. Until the system is changed to be "equal" you should be expected to follow those laws.

Sounds like you want to have your cake and eat it too!

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Not calling being gay a disorder would be the first step.

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Not calling being gay a disorder would be the first step.

For the sake of this article, it's not about "gay" people, it's about gender disorder, and while I agree calling "gay" a disorder is wrong, the gender disorder is real. It's two different things, and I would hope people would not confuse the issue.

People with gender disorder are not gay.

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Hey if you want to get your winky removed pay for it yourself don't use my tax dollars

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I thought the taxpayer-supported medical care system was supposed to cover medically necessary surgeries and treatments. Not ones that are medically unnecessary and only serve people's delusions.

You're male if you're born male and you're female if you're born female. It's uncharitable and unkind to feed into people's delusions by telling them that it's okay if they think they're the opposite sex.

Reality is defined by ... well, reality. Not by our feelings or our sex-obsessed delusions.

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Aki Nishino, 32, a trans man, officially changed his name. Nishino felt distress at being called by his former female name during hospital consultations despite his now male appearance.

For many medical complaints hospitals must recognize the reality of a patient's biological sex in order treat them properly. It is contradictory for this patient to insist that the hospital recognize his adopted sex but expect proper treatment.

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Gender transitioning is a personal choice and the burden should be borne by the transitioning individual just as any other purely elective medical procedure. Trangender people also should not expect or try to force others to be glowingly supportive of their decisions. It is perfectly natural to feel uneasy about a person behaving unnaturally at least and mutilating thier bodies at worst. Rather than supporting such unnatural and unhealthy behaviors we should compassionately try to help those suffering gender identify disorders to accept thier birth gender and live happy and healthy lives accordingly.

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