Son reviving legendary mountain trail to fulfill father's dying wish

By Riku Nishio

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Not sure if this is considered news or a story.

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A photo would have been nice.

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Awesome. I'd love to hike it if it really reopens. Damn those dams.

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This must be kept! Japanese culture must be protected at all costs, even if its supported by the government .

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A very beautiful location.

伊藤新道 Ito Shindo Trail

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Good luck to him. All the "legendary" stuff sounds like gushy hype, but Japan's mountains are great and the trails are a vital resource for accessing them.

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What the articles doesn’t say is that the start of the trail is very hard to reach. Chubu Denryoku who operates the dam blocks any traffic into the area. Not even bicycles are allowed. Only taxis - the local mafia. You can walk but from the parking space at Nanakuma it’s a 15km walk to the start of the trail. The trail itself is also very long and has a strong elevation gain. So it’s not exactly accessible.

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Awesome. I'd love to hike it if it really reopens. Damn those dams.

Dams are for water resource, irrigation, and energy.

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