Tales of WWII-era Japanese ghosts persist in Philippines

By Alden Monzon

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There are a lot on Okinawa too. For those who know the area, there's a ghost of a Japanese soldier with his arm in a sling crossing that long road going up the hill from gate 1 on KAB. Too bad this article didn't come out before Halloween. Seems a bit anticlimactic a few days after....

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One student told me that her brother visited the caves in Okinawa used as shelters during World War 2. When he returned to his home near Tokyo, something strange happened when he went to bed. As he slept on his back that first night back home, he felt a pressure laying down on top of him. He opened his eyes and saw a dirty old woman on top of him licking his face. He closed his eyes and prayed for it to go away and it vanished.

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There are no such things as ghosts.

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Our brain is working to something happen and next the scary experience just want to not happen again, it means that our imagination goes beyond dreams /nightmares or even cruel+sad facts of real life. Much more you feel it, much more the imagination becomes true, but to know that's only you.

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Hate is the worst enemy of humanity. Unfortunately, hatred never disappeared from Japan.

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Hate neighbors is the most terrible thing for a nation, especially when it is done in such a gangster way with people far away.

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This is true story.

I stayed at a high-end hotel in Manila. rudely awaken upon a dream of a Kamikaze soldier coming into the room. upon return to my home country i read an article about the hotel. It was used as a Japanese soldiers base during WWII

I'm not a believer in stuff like this. but it happened to me..

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Exorcisms are at record levels around the world, especially in Europe and America. Something's going on.

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Japan had a brutal past, dictatorships like China have a brutal present, I guess ghosts will continue to be around!!!

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There probably are a lot of angry ghosts there, and as pointed out, in the caves in Okinawa where troops were forced to or willingly killed themselves as they realized the fool's errand they'd been sent on, and how foolish they were for going along with it... and that they died for absolutely nothing, or worse, they committed mass atrocities, THEN died for nothing.

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There's a novel about this, Amok, by George Fox. Published around 1978.

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