American tsunami victim's father building on daughter's legacy of learning

By May Masangkay

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A very fitting way to honor a lost loved one.

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Here’s to you Taylor. I shared your dream and came out to Japan at a young age to teach English too, and so I know the great thoughts and feelings you must also have felt when jumping headfirst into this culture, the difficulties, and then the big rewards. I started from the comfort of Tokyo, but you were in an area far more deprived of foreigners so I salute your bravery first and then say that the kids that you taught , who had less opportunity to do so, must have had beaming happy faces!

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Never seen any figures for the numbers of foreigners killed. At a memorial in Kobe for their earthquake, all the names of those killed are named on plaques on walls under a clear ceiling with a waterfall above.

Nice of their family to remember the loss of a daughter in a positive way.

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His sister died in Japan’s tsunami. Now this Va. man is living out her mission.

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Japan never acknowledges or mentions much or even at all about how many non-Japanese died in that horrific event even though they were living in Japan and paying taxes. Its stories like these thatreally stands out. May your memories live on!

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Good on these people, and anyone else who, despite suffering tragedy, have taken it upon themselves to educate others in some way. Doesn't matter the nationality, but just the willingness to help.

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I've been living in Japan since before the cataclism of 2011 and this is the first profile of a foreign teacher killed while teaching English in Japan, in the Tohoku region that I have read. I've seen passing references to such tragic cases but as far as I can recall, there were no names or details of the deceased provided. I look forward to reading more such articles, even ten years after the disaster.

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A lovely report.

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