UFO sightings put rural Japan community on intergalactic map

By Rena Yokoue

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Any non Japanese living in the area need to register with the Japanese authorities otherwise they are breaking Japanese law.

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Smart. The town’s silk trade has dried up so pick any other subject of interest - Aliens works - and make some cash again

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Always curious as to why the designs of "aliens" are pretty much the same everywhere.

I would have thought that with all the ingenious and talented design types here in Japan, someone would come up with an alien that is unique to here!

If I want to look at an "alien" like the one in the picture here, all I have to do is look in the mirror after a night out drinking!

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Nuclear Dust from the Fukushima Power Plant I would say, these day we don't hear much about ghosts and UFO, thanks for all the surveillance Camera's and satellites that put an end to it.

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This place needs a compelling documentary... where is netflix japan on this??

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Winter season is the best time to go there, according to locals. Went there in 2021, but it was summer, and the sky was gloomy...

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All a load of boll*cks of course but if it pulls in the tourists why not! Unless you are daft enough to take it seriously it could even be quite a bit of fun.

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Maybe the area can be considered as the Roswell of Japan. They ought to try and get Erich Von Daniken and Giorgio Tsoukalos from the show Ancient Aliens to do a special about it. That show has done a few episodes on different sites in Japan and it seems to have a good audience in the country.

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Trust me. The green lights in the light are not from radiation.

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Aliens are not human like and big eyed. They are carbon based, mixed with yet undiscovered elements from outer space, that are in the form of organic AI organisms. They infest technology in an effort to take over earth. Don’t believe Hollywood movies

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I do not think they are on any "intergalactic map" for alien tourists. If any did land I am sure the populace would flee in panic.

Perhaps rather than display human made "alien paraphernalia" they should send out an invitation like SETI and inform any potential alien visitors that Fukushima is ready to welcome them "after going through a local quarantine" for everyone's safety. They can return home carrying items produced for tourists, perhaps by paying with exotic jewels or precious stones and metals? They wont be carrying any Japanese yen and what is the exchange rate with any alien currency never seen on earth?

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It is an Unidentified Flying Object, not an Unidentified Alien. We have seen thousands. many are shape shifters. ET will be so sad with those negative comments.

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Many aliens, except for the shapeshifters are very easy to identify. They have been here for 10,000s years. They were here when we lived in caves.

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An astounding discovery

Ancient 10,000-year-old rock paintings depicting UFOs and extra-terrestrials have been found in Madhya Pradesh and Chhatisgarh which suggest aliens from other planets have been interacting with humans since prehistoric times.

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Time Lords like Dr. Who.

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Some GOOD news for a change, even if it's just another con/hustle, at least people are smiling and not stressing!

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Interesting article, personally I believe that we as human would be way to arrogant and self centered to believe that we are the only living intelligence in this uncountable galaxies in the universe.

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Interesting article, personally I believe that we as human would be way to arrogant and self centered to believe that we are the only living intelligence in this uncountable galaxies in the universe.

What would be arrogant would be thinking aliens would be so interested in us, lol

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Spin the wheel and see which pie slice the pointer lands at.

1988: the (C)Rapture comes at Rosh Hoshana because Israel has had 40 years of 'peace' (LOL!)

1993: ABC-TV had a seriously grim documentary about the Yugoslavia breakup and later that year it aired another doc about 'angel encounters' simply because new agers decided they believed in them now. So for the rest of the millennium everybody got 'touched' by an angel and had a story to tell.

1997: Comet Hale-Bopp has a starship behind it and it's time to go to it.

2003: everybody is a 'terrorist'. Hide yourself. War is cool. Fun entertainment for the armchair warriors, yeah!

2012: everybody knows Armageddon is coming because the Mayans forecast it. So the new agers go to a Native American mound (like the famous Serpent Mound in Ohio) and await for the starship piloted by Elvis and George Harrison to take all good children to Heaven.

2023: everybody 'sees' a UFO and encounters aliens. Uh-huh.

A new sensation.

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Just me but I am of the strong opinion there are craft of terrestrial origin flying with eye-wateringly advanced technologies that are not publicly acknowledged that people see from time to time and because of their extreme performance interpret as alien spacecraft.

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