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Indonesian ferry crew rescued off Japan


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Hope they can rescue, save, help some if not all but i fear it may be too late.

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Export: are we reading the same article or has it been updated since your comment of 10 mins ago? Who needs rescuing? The coastguard have picked up the crew leaving the Captain and Chief on board.

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been updated now so previous comments are irrelevant harry

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OK, thought that might have been the case. Good that there was no loss of life.

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Does not bode well for the safety of potential passengers in Indonesia. It's not even bad weather here, and the ship is in trouble.

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Good on them. I hope they can find the additional two, as well.

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@smithinjapan - The additional two are the Captain and Engineer who are staying on the disabled ferry trying to keep it from going adrift. Per the article it appears that no one was hurt and the ferry was only carrying crew and all were rescued and the J Coast Guard is monitoring the disabled boat.

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so, it was a japanese ferry ? seems so as it was being taken from hiroshima. must be one of their very old ferries which they dumped off to a 3rd world country .

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