Few blind people evacuated during deadly rain in western Japan


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People can also stay at home and move to safer locations inside their homes if going outside is too dangerous, experts say.

Where would we be without experts? If I hadn't read this I would probably stay in the less safe location.

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What’s the point of this article?

Is it that people in Japan don’t have a sense of community?

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It's that blind people don't get the help they need during disasters, and that even if they make it to an evacuation center, they are left to fend for themselves in an unfamiliar environment.

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Few blind people evacuated 

From the article's own figures, few people of any description evacuated. If I had to blame anything, it would be fatigue from low-level "advisories" issued every time there is a typhoon.

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Gone are the days in the city, and parts of the countryside when people freely wandered into their neighbours' homes and shared tea and conversation.; people knew who the folks next door were then. Nowadays, doors are firmly locked; privacy and security concerns prevent sharing of information, and neighbourhood associations are warning people to watch out for suspicious persons. Even the traditional greetings from people moving in and introducing themselves to their new neighbours has declined; people just don't know who lives nearby anymore.

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As has been said, there is not enough information distributed at the local level, and next to no help even if there has. Doesn't matter if it's seniors in an old folks home, foreigners who can't speak the language well, or the blind or otherwise disabled, they just kind of leave them and run. NONE of the silly drills they hold and tell you what's going to happen before hand take such people into account.

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