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Fire at Super Nintendo World prompts shutdown of Universal Studios Japan area

By Casey Baseel, SoraNews24

In addition to all of its cool interactive environments, Universal Studios Japan’s Super Nintendo World area currently has two traditional theme-park rides. Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge is an exciting indoor AR coaster for fans of the Mario Kart racing game series, and in Yoshi’s Adventure guests hop onto the back of the beloved dino for a leisurely trip up and around Mount Beanpole.

But while Yoshi’s Adventure is the most relaxed ride at Super Nintendo World it got a dose of unplanned excitement on Tuesday night. A maintenance worker discovered smoke coming out of a compartment between the ceiling and roof in one of the attraction’s indoor sections, where a fire had started, prompting a call to Japan’s 119 emergency fire service number.

Luckily, the fire occurred close to midnight, after the park had already closed to visitors for the day and the ride was no longer in operation. Workers were able to put the fire out using fire extinguishers, and no injuries were suffered, leaving room for Twitter users to crack a few jokes about the situation.

“Well, Bowser and Piranha Plants are both present at Super Nintendo World, and they can both shoot fire out of their mouths, so really this was only a matter of time.”

“I’m staying at a hotel near the park, and I could see a whole bunch of fire trucks pull up from my window.”

“Super Nintendo World just can’t catch a break, huh?”

“Is the place cursed or something?”

This is actually the second problem Yoshi’s Adventure has run into, following a stack of Goombas falling off of Mount Beanpole last summer. The fire seems to have been contained entirely within Yoshi’s Adventure, but as a precaution Universal Studios Japan has shut down the entire Super Nintendo World area while it investigates the cause of the fire, with no reopening date yet announced.

Source: FNN Prime Online, Twitter

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