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Fire destroys building at Tsukiji fish market


A fire broke out at the famous Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo on Sunday, destroying one building.

According to police and firefighters, the fire started at about 9 a.m. Sunday. Firefighters spent about one hour subduing the flames, which claimed about 155 square meters of wholesale space, TV Asahi reported. No injuries were reported.

Police say the fire probably spread from a rooftop, where repairs were being conducted with a welder.

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Good to hear nobody was hurt, sad to hear someone just lost their livelyhood.

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I am wondering why this year's bidding is so high. No one is hurt, but finally it may lead to our spending when we eat sushi. It may boost each piece of sushi, and we may have to pay a lot...

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Don't matter, soon there will be no longer a Tsukiji, anyway thanks to Ishihara.

New market will be further out on a contaminated soil plot.

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I will miss Tsukiji! I know, I know it's still there but this is a real landmark here in Tokyo, if anybody likes ramen, go in the back streets of Tsukiji, they have a really good MAGURO ramen, nice and cooked up, looks like a big steak on the ramen, but it is from Tuna!

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